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  1. Do Americans Know Where Our Troops Are and Why They Are There?The deaths of U.S. troops in Niger opened up a whole series of bigger questions about troop deployments and the strategies used to justify them.
  2. Widow of Soldier Killed in Niger: Trump’s Call Left Her ‘Very Upset and Hurt’Donald Trump quickly responded on Twitter.
  3. Trump Steps Up Attacks on Congresswoman Over Disputed Phone CallAs usual, he won’t give an inch.
  4. What We Know About the Niger Attack That Left 4 U.S. Soldiers DeadThe controversy over Trump’s comments to grieving military families has overshadowed a bigger issue: It’s still unclear what happened in Niger.
  5. Trump Denies Telling Wife of Slain Soldier ‘He Knew What He Signed Up For’The president fired back on Twitter Wednesday morning over Representative Frederica Wilson’s claim.
  6. Fourth U.S. Soldier Confirmed Dead After Niger AttackAfter three Special Forces troops were killed Wednesday, a fourth has been found dead in the West African country.