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Nina Pham

  1. ebola
    Nurse Sues Dallas Hospital Where She Contracted Ebola For failing to provide her with proper training and resources and for violating her privacy.
  2. ebola
    U.S. Ebola Survivors Grateful This Thanksgiving for Plasma Donor DocThey thanked him during a Today show appearance.
  3. good things
    Ebola-Infected Doctor Seems to Be Getting BetterSome positive news.
  4. ebola
    Ebola Nurse Amber Vinson Released From HospitalSix days after her family announced she cleared the virus.
  5. ebola
    Dallas Hospital Releases Emotional Video of Ebola Patient Nina PhamBefore she was transferred from Dallas to Maryland.
  6. ebola
    Another Dallas Health-Care Worker Has Ebola; Hospital Was Woefully UnpreparedThose who treated Thomas Eric Duncan didn’t have the right gear.