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  1. ninjas
    Ninjas on Fifth Avenue!Ninjas that like Pucci!
  2. neighborhood news
    The Staten Island Ninja Is Back!Authorities thought they had put an end to the nearly twenty pattern burglars involving stealthy thieves in black bodysuits — but not so!
  3. in other news
    Three Ninja Burglars Brought to JusticeThe plague of Staten Island has finally been cured!
  4. company town
    Top Moneymaker Leaves LehmanFINANCE • Lehman lost its top-producing banker on Friday to a sudden resignation. Was Woody Young passed over for head of the finance group? [NYT] • Monday morning got you feeling uninspired? Ninja Stockbroker will return you to market-high glory. [Nova Cartoons via DealBreaker] • Fresh off its blowout purchase of Equity Office, the Blackstone Group scoops up Pinnacle Foods (Duncan Hines, Vlasic) for $2.16 Billion. [AP via CBS News]