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  1. SCOTUS Rules Grandparents Exempt From Travel Ban, But Refugees Not So LuckyIn a case clarifying its earlier ruling that let the Trump travel ban partially take effect pending oral arguments, the Court splits the baby.
  2. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Against Travel Ban — AgainBut there was some good news for the White House in the decision.
  3. Here Are 4 Ways the Supreme Court Might Handle Trump’s Travel BanAll are plausible, but they would create vastly different outcomes.
  4. Trump Attacks Wrong Court for Sanctuary Cities DecisionOn Twitter, the president lashes out at the Ninth Circuit for a district court decision that his own blustering words made inevitable.
  5. Trump’s Hard Road Ahead to Save His Travel BanShort of surrendering and doing without a temporary travel ban, Trump may have to go to the Supreme Court to get his way — even then, it’s iffy.
  6. New Travel Ban Will Resolve Some, But Not All, of Trump’s Legal ProblemsThe administration hopes a revised travel ban can cure its legal problems. But Trump’s expressed desire to discriminate against Muslims won’t go away.
  7. Does Trump Even Want to Win in Court?The longer the legal battle over Trump’s travel order continues, the more it looks like the president is sabotaging it. Is that deliberate?
  8. Ninth Circuit Judges Unanimously Rebuff Trump, Keep Travel Ban on HoldThe ruling more or less took apart the government’s case for rushing the ban into effect.
  9. gun control
    Court Rules Second Amendment Doesn’t Guarantee Right to Carry Concealed WeaponsThe ruling upheld a California law requiring applicants to show “good cause” for needing to carry a gun.
  10. justice
    Did California Try to Rush an Execution Before Its Sodium Thiopental Expired?It certainly looks like it.