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Nobel Peace Prize

  1. donald trump
    Trump Still Wants His Nobel Peace Prize for Doing NothingDespite his underwhelming report card as a statesman, Trump has continually pushed for the high humanitarian honor.
  2. Trump on Whether He Deserves Nobel: ‘Everyone Thinks So’He insists that he doesn’t want the award, though. He wants “victory for the world” instead.
  3. 18 House Republicans Nominate Trump for the Nobel Peace PrizeWill a Peace Prize really be awarded to Trump because of his militaristic bluster, before any peace has even been won?
  4. foreign policy
    The Campaign for Donald Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize Has BegunHis biggest boosters, and even a few others, say Trump deserves the award for developments on the Korean peninsula.
  5. congrats
    Is the Nobel Committee Trying to Send Trump a Message?A nuclear-disarmament group, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, is the surprise Peace Prize recipient this year.
  6. How to Get Nominated for a Nobel Peace PrizeThat prize is unprofitable and failing! Sad!
  7. 4 Tunisian Civil-Society Organizations Share the Nobel Peace PrizeThe National Dialogue Quartet of Tunisia protected the democratic process following the country’s Arab Spring uprising. 
  8. happy things
    Malala Yousafzai Wins Her Nobel Peace Prize. She’s Still Only 17.The youngest winner ever.
  9. international intrigue
    Putin Probably Not Going to Win Nobel Peace PrizeAlthough he was nominated.
  10. impressive things
    Malala Expresses Concerns About Drones During White House Visit “If we refocus efforts on education it will make a big impact.”
  11. nobel peace prize
    Malala Did Not Win the Nobel Peace PrizeThe online backlash was instant.
  12. nobel peace prize
    Bradley Manning Is Pretty PolarizingThe accused traitor was also nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
  13. nobel peace prize
    Three Women in Politics Won the Nobel Peace PrizeNot Palin, Bachmann, and Clinton.
  14. bons mots
    President Obama Made a Joke About His Nobel Peace PrizeTopical!
  15. nobel prize
    China Celebrates Nobel Peace Prize by Blocking Texts With the Words Nobel PrizeCongratulations, China. You just got yourself compared to Nazis.
  16. china
    Missing Wife of Nobel Prize–Winning Chinese Dissident FoundShe was under house arrest.
  17. nobel prize
    China’s Most Famous Dissident Wins Nobel Peace Prize While in JailThis does not make China happy.
  18. international intrigue
    Obama Divvies Nobel Winnings Among Charities, Former PresidentsNot to mention a little deposit for the curiously named Posse Foundation.
  19. inanimate obamas
    Today in Life-size Reproductions of Barack Obama’s LikenessA bronze statue in Indonesia, a cardboard cutout in Norway.
  20. how about that?
    Conservatives Praise Obama’s Nobel SpeechSarah Palin: “I liked what he said.”
  21. early and often
    Obama Accepts Nobel Prize“I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the considerable controversy that your generous decision has generated.”
  22. international intrigue
    Obama Cancels Traditional Nobel Prize Lunch; Now Norwegians Are Also Mad at HimOver 5,000 are expected to protest the war in Afghanistan at Obama’s award ceremony in Oslo, but 44% of polled Norwegians think it was rude of him to cancel the traditional lunch.
  23. international incidents
    The Final Word on Obama’s Nobel Peace PrizeThe one and only Bruce Jenner finally weighs in.
  24. nobel peace prize
    Fidel Castro Praises Obama’s Nobel WinFormer dictator uses this opportunity to bash former U.S. presidents, of course.
  25. international intrigue
    Obama Doesn’t Think He Deserved the Peace Prize EitherGreat, so we’re all in agreement.
  26. what other people think
    Reactions to Obama’s Peace Prize, on a Continuum of DismissivenessSome people try to rationalize it. Others try to come up with the best way to mock it.
  27. international incidents
    President Obama Wins the Nobel Peace PrizeTake that, Arizona State University!