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    In Another Controversial Choice, Nobel Peace Prize Goes to European UnionJust ignore all those protesters.
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    Nobel Prize Now Only Worth a Measly $1.1 MillionWhy even bother?
  3. great minds
    Scientist Died Right Before Receiving the Nobel PrizeHe will be awarded the prize anyway.
  4. great minds
    Paul Krugman Not-So-Subtly Angles for His Own TV Show“There Are No TV Series About Heroic Economists”
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    China Celebrates Nobel Peace Prize by Blocking Texts With the Words Nobel PrizeCongratulations, China. You just got yourself compared to Nazis.
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    Missing Wife of Nobel Prize–Winning Chinese Dissident FoundShe was under house arrest.
  7. scary things
    Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s Wife Is Reportedly Missing“We’re all worried.”
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    China’s Most Famous Dissident Wins Nobel Peace Prize While in JailThis does not make China happy.
  9. how about that?
    Conservatives Praise Obama’s Nobel SpeechSarah Palin: “I liked what he said.”
  10. early and often
    Obama Accepts Nobel Prize“I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the considerable controversy that your generous decision has generated.”
  11. international intrigue
    Obama Cancels Traditional Nobel Prize Lunch; Now Norwegians Are Also Mad at HimOver 5,000 are expected to protest the war in Afghanistan at Obama’s award ceremony in Oslo, but 44% of polled Norwegians think it was rude of him to cancel the traditional lunch.
  12. the greatest depression
    Two Other Americans Win Nobel PrizesThese two economists have even been grappling with some of the same problems as the most recent American Nobel winner! But the reaction will probably be, shall we say, different.
  13. company town
    Judith Regan: At What Price, America?MEDIA • Jeff Bercovici wants to know: “What’s Regan’s price for selling out her country?” After all, if Regan’s info on Giuliani is that damaging, shouldn’t she divulge it in any case, no matter how much Uncle Murdoch is willing to offer? [Mixed Media/Portfolio] • Dan Rather’s lawyers are getting fed up with CBS nondisclosure agreements. “Who do these guys think they are? The National Security Agency?” [NYO] • Intrepid Observer reporter spends 45 minutes staring through a window just to see who showed up to a lame Times party. Now that’s journalism! [Media Mob/NYO]
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    Hillary Clinton Will Eat Your Nobel Prize for Breakfast Today when you got up, you were probably going on with your normal routine when someone (the Today show, NPR, your annoyingly bright-eyed roommate) told you that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. You’d heard he was in the running, but you still maybe thought to yourself, “Wait, really?” Then you probably wondered, “Huh, will he run for president now?” When you logged on to your computer at work, you realized that EVERY SINGLE NEWS OUTLET IN AMERICA was wondering the same thing. Except Al Gore says he doesn’t want to run, very clearly. And CNN says it knows why: because the power of the Nobel Prize is no match for the unstoppable might of Hillary Clinton! “Gore would have given serious consideration to a run if Clinton’s campaign had run into problems,” reports CNN’s Website, quoting a source. “But he has concluded her momentum is unstoppable.” Wow, Al Gore thinks she’s unstoppable? This is a guy who wouldn’t give up his battle for the presidency even after he lost the election. If he thinks it’s not worth fighting New York’s junior senator, is it time for everyone else to give up, too? Also, isn’t it cute how CNN uses a gossipy anonymous source for this story? Cable news, it’s just like Us! Nobel Prize Likely to Increase Pressure on Gore to Run [CNN]
  15. company town
    GE Still Hearts NBC … For NowMEDIA • General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt said he’d postpone any decision on selling NBC until after the 2008 Olympics. Let’s just hope 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights last that long. [FT] • Doris Lessing beat out Philip Roth, who was rumored as a top candidate, for this year’s Nobel Prize in literature. It probably helps that Lessing’s most recent novel doesn’t involve an old geezer fucking a “luckless goy chick” in the face. [NYT, Hitchens/Atlantic] • FSG dominated this year’s National Book Award finalists, with five out of ten in fiction and nonfiction coming from the tweedy publisher’s lists. [NYT]