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  1. Nope.Nope!
  2. nope
    John Boehner Answers Question With Creepy Kissy FaceSo romantic.
  3. nope
    Stolen Creepy Clown Found Exactly Where ExpectedIn the home of a registered sex offender, of course.
  4. nope
    World’s Tallest Roller Coaster Is Too Goddamn TallNOPE.
  5. nope
    British Pop Singer Finds Horrifying Spider Living Inside Her EarTotally normal.
  6. nope
    Scientists Stumble Upon a Horrifying Spider the Size of a PuppyOh God why.
  7. nope
    Introducing Rat Mites: They’re Even Worse Than BedbugsAh, New York.
  8. nope
    Spider Crawls Into Man’s Appendix Scar and Lives Inside His Body for 3 DaysNOOOOOPE.
  9. nope
    Brooklyn Management Company Gives You Head Start on Hipsterdom With a Free FixieTo anybody who rents in one of their buildings.