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  1. Fourth Nor’easter of March, and First of the Spring, Hits East CoastNew York City could see as much as 18 inches of snow in the next 24 hours.
  2. Nor’easter Slams East Coast With Floods, Snow, and ‘Windmageddon’Boston could see record-breaking water levels at high tide Friday night.
  3. A Nor’easter Is Going to Drench the East Coast This WeekendBut next week: summer!
  4. talking about the weather
    Nor’easter to Mostly Spare New York, Sprinkle Light Spring SnowWe’ll take it.
  5. talking about the weather
    Nor’easter Could Make Pre-Thanksgiving Travel Even More Difficult Than Usual“Massive flight delays” are expected.
  6. talking about the weather
    Nor’easter Dumps Snow and Ice on Areas Ravaged by Sandy“It’s Mother Nature’s one-two punch,” says Cory Booker.
  7. talking about the weather
    Nor’easter Is No Hurricane Sandy, But Still Going to Suck [Updated]Another major weather event is upon us.
  8. talking about the weather
    Nor’easter Has No Sympathy for Hurricane Sandy VictimsIt’s headed this way.
  9. the morning line
    Expensive Habits • The Times comes out with some shocking numbers about “frequent fliers” — the addicts that keep entering and quitting rehab. The state spends $50 million a year treating just 500 of these patients, some of whom spend 100 nights a year in detox. [NYT] • There’s a changing of the guard at ground zero: Governor Spitzer has named two new leaders of the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. One is, somewhat fittingly, David Emil, the former owner of Windows on the World. [amNY] • Yes, we’re all kinda thinking it, and someone had to be the first, but … Dear Daily News, it might be just a tad — maybe a day or so — early for a cackling op-ed titled “Do you still love those precious guns now, Virginia?” [NYDN] • The three-day nor’easter is going down in weather history. Eight inches of rain fell here in NYC — four times the record for the date; some New Jerseyites had to be evacuated by boat after the Raritan River flooded. [NYP] • And, that silly old couple that traveled to Arizona by yellow cab with their cats, and whose cutesy made-for-TV story we stoically resisted so far, arrived in Sedona. And now they’re out of our jurisdiction, so that’s that. [Gateway to Sedona]