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  1. neighborhood watch
    The San Gennaro Festival Starts TodayAnd as usual, tutto bene it is not.
  2. instant politics
    David Frum and Kurt Andersen on McCain’s Latent Leftiness and Whether Democrats or Republicans Are More DisingenuousFrum, who writes daily for National Review Online, and ‘New York’ columnist Andersen discuss Obama’s faux outrage, conservative “anti-information,” and surprises a President McCain might have in store.
  3. Lehman: ‘It’s Over, Man’The 158-year-old investment bank is reportedly in talks to sell itself.
  4. photo op
    Bubba Smiles During Lunch Meeting With BarackWhat does the body language of this photo, snapped during their lunchtime meeting in Harlem, tell you about the former president and the Democratic candidate?