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  1. Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong-un Set for June 12 in SingaporeIn a tweet, Trump said both leaders will “try to make it a very special moment for World Peace!”
  2. Trump Greets 3 Americans Freed by North KoreaHe met Kim Hak-song, Tony Kim, and Kim Dong-chul when they landed in Maryland, and said Kim Jong-un was “really was excellent” to them.
  3. Trump on Whether He Deserves Nobel: ‘Everyone Thinks So’He insists that he doesn’t want the award, though. He wants “victory for the world” instead.
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    Pompeo Is Returning From North Korea With U.S. CaptivesKim Hak-song, Tony Kim, and Kim Dong-chul have been freed.
  5. House Republicans Working to Give Trump His Military ParadeIt’s not just the president’s boyish fantasy anymore.
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    Trump Looks at Pulling U.S. Troops From South Korea, Despite Peace Talks: ReportHe ordered the Pentagon to look at options for withdrawal, though that could complicate delicate negotiations between our ally and North Korea.
  7. 18 House Republicans Nominate Trump for the Nobel Peace PrizeWill a Peace Prize really be awarded to Trump because of his militaristic bluster, before any peace has even been won?
  8. Now the President of South Korea Thinks Trump Should Get a Nobel Peace PrizeAppealing to Trump’s ego is a time-honored strategy that South Korea seems to have mastered.
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    John Bolton Says U.S. Is Considering ‘Libya Model’ for North Korea“Libya’s giving up its nuclear arms was used as an invasion tactic to disarm the country,” a North Korean official said in 2011.
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    Kim Jong-un Wants U.S. Promise Not to Invade in Exchange for NukesBut his rhetorical ramp-up to peace talks should be considered style without substance until proven otherwise.
  11. Did Peace Just Break Out Between North and South Korea?Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in have taken a step toward a new future for their respective countries. But will they take a step back?
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    The Campaign for Donald Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize Has BegunHis biggest boosters, and even a few others, say Trump deserves the award for developments on the Korean peninsula.
  13. Everything You Need to Know About the Historic North and South Korea SummitKim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in promised to work toward formally ending the Korean War and denuclearizing the peninsula, but didn’t get into specifics.
  14. White House Releases Photos of Mike Pompeo’s Meeting With Kim Jong UnThe now-Secretary of State met with Kim in North Korea over Easter weekend.
  15. South Korea Stops Blaring K-pop at North Korean BorderBad news for North Koreans who enjoy BtoB and live near the DMZ.
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    Trump May Not Understand What North Korea Has Committed ToOr he doesn’t understand what “denuclearization” means, or how diplomacy works, or all of the above.
  17. North Korea Announces Indefinite Suspension of Nuclear ProgramThe dramatic move comes ahead of a planned meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un.
  18. Trump Believes ‘He Alone’ Can End the Korean War — and He Might Be RightTrump’s indifference to detail and skepticism about U.S. security guarantees might lead him to make concessions that other presidents wouldn’t.
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    With Pompeo-Kim Jong-un Meeting, Trump Underscores State Department IrrelevanceThe CIA director’s deep involvement in talks with the North Korean leader shows Trump has little regard for Senate or diplomatic procedure.
  20. Trump Says U.S. and North Korea Have Already Begun TalksAt least a month before the main event, a sit-down between the president and Kim Jong Un.
  21. Trump Threatens to Pull Out of ‘Great’ Trade Deal With South KoreaTrump says he may not abide by the trade deal he struck just days ago — until Seoul convinces Pyongyang that it can trust him to abide by deals.
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    With Kim Jong-un Meeting, China Tells the U.S. It Won’t Be IgnoredXi Jinping threw off summit calculations, and the U.S. must respond with patience and diplomatic skill. Too bad Trump’s team possesses the opposite.
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    How the U.S. and North Korea Are Preparing for the Trump-Kim SummitAs Trump undercuts the effort with hawkish hires, Kim is making diplomatic overtures to his neighbors — and starting up a new nuclear reactor.
  24. Kim Jong-un (Reportedly) Makes Surprise Visit to ChinaAs his historic summit with Trump approaches, the North Korean leader heads to China for the first time since taking power.
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    Team Bolton: John Never Promised Trump He ‘Wouldn’t Start Any Wars’In fact, a new report suggests the national security adviser promised the very opposite.
  26. Donald Trump Has Never Been More Dangerous Than He Is NowTrump has decided to start governing on instinct — and his instinct is for undermining the rule of law and poisoning diplomacy with North Korea.
  27. 6 Weird and Worrying Moments From Trump’s Missouri Fundraising SpeechTrump bragged about giving Trudeau fake facts, mocked past presidents for not meeting Kim Jong-un, and described a nonexistent “bowling ball test.”
  28. Tillerson’s Firing Brings America Closer to War With North KoreaThe secretary’s departure suggests Trump will kill the Iran deal in May – and sabotage the prospects of diplomacy with North Korea in the process.
  29. Trump Plans to Win Nuclear Deal With North Korea — While Killing One With IranThe president thinks he can get the North Koreans to disarm, while showing them that the U.S. can’t be trusted to hold up its end of such bargains.
  30. Senators Worry Trump Will Get Played by Kim Jong-unEven supporters of the president are worried that he doesn’t quite know what he’s doing.
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    White House: Never Mind the North Korea Meeting, Trump Was Just BabblingThe president briefly got excited and didn’t know what the policy was or that he’s not really the president.
  32. Dennis Rodman Is Happy His Pals Trump and Kim Plan to MeetScore one for basketball diplomacy.
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    8 Takeaways From Trump Agreeing to Meet Kim Jong-unHere’s what prompted Kim’s stunning invitation, why Trump is game, and what he must do to avoid squandering this opportunity.
  34. North Korea Is Ready to Discuss Forfeiting Nukes, South SaysThe U.S. said it wouldn’t negotiate with Pyongyang unless denuclearization was on the table. Now it is.
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    Trump Confuses North and South KoreaThey’re, uh, not the same.
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    Grown-ups Are Not Running America’s Foreign PolicyA group of Model U.N. teenagers could probably pick and execute policies better than this administration.
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    North Korea’s Link to Syria’s Chemical Weapons Is Horrific, Yet UnsurprisingThe shipments identified in a U.N. report violate sanctions on both countries and demonstrate just how good these rogue regimes are at evading them.
  38. Trump: If North Korea Doesn’t Obey Me, I Might Punish the Whole World“If the sanctions don’t work, we’ll have to go to Phase 2. Phase 2 may be a very rough thing. May be very, very unfortunate for the world.”
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    Pence’s Anti-North Korea PR Campaign BombsThe vice-president’s icy disposition at the Olympics was no match for the thaw between South and North Korea.
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    Could the Olympics Help Create Peace Between the Koreas?The Games are a rare opportunity for diplomacy between the archenemies. But Mike Pence and others are wary.
  41. Mike Pence Avoids Kim Jong-un’s Sister at Olympic Opening CeremoniesThe VP also refused to stand when the united Korea team entered Olympic Stadium.
  42. North Korea’s Military Parade Comes at a Bad Time for TrumpJust as Trump shows interest in a military parade, Kim Jong-un provides a reminder of the type of tyrants who do such things.
  43. Mattis: The U.S. Needs a Smaller Nuke to Prevent Nuclear WarThe Defense Secretary said if the military had smaller nukes, it would deter nations from hitting the U.S. with small nuclear weapons of their own.
  44. The Pentagon Is Afraid to Give Trump More Military Options on North KoreaTop Defense officials believe that a military strike would be reckless and unnecessary — and don’t trust Trump to reach the same conclusion.
  45. The White House Just Sent an Ominous Signal About Its Plans For North KoreaVictor Cha was about to become ambassador to South Korea — until he criticized Trump’s plan for a preemptive strike on Pyongyang.
  46. North and South Korea Agree to March Under One Flag at 2018 OlympicsThe two countries have a history of coming together over sports.
  47. Report: U.S. Plans to Develop More Nuclear WeaponsYet another departure from President Obama’s policies and philosophy.
  48. Why Trump Thinks Kim Jong-un, Who Called Him a ‘Dotard,’ Might Be His FriendEither he’s been secretly talking with Rocket Man, or he just has faith in his ability to charm the dictator.
  49. South Korea’s President Gives Trump ‘Big Credit’ for Talks With NorthLeaders in Asia have become experts at stroking the presidential ego.
  50. North Korea: Our Nukes Are Aimed Only at United StatesA not-exactly-comforting piece of propaganda.
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