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  1. coronavirus
    Cruising Returns and a Coronavirus Outbreak FollowsA cruise ship in Norway had at least 41 people test positive for the coronavirus.
  2. select all
    Norway Is LitAlso, they have snow.
  3. international intrigue
    Here Is John Kerry Speaking Norwegian for Two SecondsIt’s not as good as his French.
  4. monsters
    Anders Breivik Declared Sane, Will Likely Spend Life in PrisonA Norwegian court found him sane. 
  5. other countries’ embarrassments
    Norway Built Psych Ward Just for BreivikJustice, Norway-style.
  6. norwegian nightmare
    Anders Breivik Reenacts His Killing Spree in NorwayMeanwhile, victims come forward with their attempts to stop him.
  7. the worst people in the world
    Could Norway Lock Up the Westboro Crazies?Norway is much more intolerant of intolerance than America is.
  8. norwegian nightmare
    Norwegian Killer’s ‘Mentor’: Oslo, Utoya Attacks Were ‘Pure Evil’A British wingnut denies any contact with Anders Behring Breivik.
  9. norwegian nightmare
    Is This the Hellhole That Anders Breivik Will Live in for the Rest of His Life?Nope, it’s the swanky college dorm room he might spend the rest of his life in.
  10. bons mots
    Crazy Glenn Beck Quote Reminds Us That Glenn Beck Still Exists, Is CrazyHe compares the campers killed in Norway to the Hitler Youth.
  11. norwegian nightmare
    ‘Good’ News and Bad News From NorwayThe death toll has been lowered significantly.
  12. norwegian nightmare
    Far-Right Norwegian Confesses to Oslo Bombing, Youth Camp ShootingAdmits “to the facts” and says attacks were “gruesome but necessary.”
  13. norwegian nightmare
    Far-Right Norwegian Held in Bombing and Slaughter at a Youth Camp [Updated]Police describe the man as “a right-wing fundamentalist Christian.”
  14. norwegian nightmare
    Norway Terror Friday Death Toll at 91After Oslo bombing and youth camp shooting.
  15. nobel prize
    China Celebrates Nobel Peace Prize by Blocking Texts With the Words Nobel PrizeCongratulations, China. You just got yourself compared to Nazis.
  16. nobel prize
    China’s Most Famous Dissident Wins Nobel Peace Prize While in JailThis does not make China happy.
  17. chelsea getting married?
    Clintons Taking Wedding Secrecy a Bit Too Far?Two journalists were arrested at the Astor Estate, where the wedding will be held.
  18. inanimate obamas
    Today in Life-size Reproductions of Barack Obama’s LikenessA bronze statue in Indonesia, a cardboard cutout in Norway.
  19. international intrigue
    Obama Cancels Traditional Nobel Prize Lunch; Now Norwegians Are Also Mad at HimOver 5,000 are expected to protest the war in Afghanistan at Obama’s award ceremony in Oslo, but 44% of polled Norwegians think it was rude of him to cancel the traditional lunch.