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Norwegian Nightmare

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    Anders Breivik Is Officially InsaneNorwegian killer may not stand trial or serve prison time after psychiatric report.
  2. norwegian nightmare
    Anders Breivik Reenacts His Killing Spree in NorwayMeanwhile, victims come forward with their attempts to stop him.
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    Plagiarized by a Murderer: Norway’s Anders Breivik Stole My WordsBlogger Sara Robinson on learning that portions of an essay that she wrote in 2008 had entered history as part of the madman’s manifesto.
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    Anders Breivik’s Manifesto May Include CodeCould it be a target list?
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    Anders Breivik Is Demanding CigarettesSheesh.
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    The Washington ‘Post’ Mounts an Odd Defense of Jennifer Rubin’s Norway Blog PostsThe ombudsman finds the error is with her readers, not her.
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    Anders Breivik Will Only Wear a Red Lacoste SweaterFashion fundamentalist.
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    Mourning the Norway Terror VictimsThe first funerals were held today.
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    Norwegian Killer’s ‘Mentor’: Oslo, Utoya Attacks Were ‘Pure Evil’A British wingnut denies any contact with Anders Behring Breivik.
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    Is This the Hellhole That Anders Breivik Will Live in for the Rest of His Life?Nope, it’s the swanky college dorm room he might spend the rest of his life in.
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    Bill O’Reilly: That Norwegian Mass Murderer Who Said He Was a Christian Had Nothing to Do With ChristianityOh, okay.
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    Lawyer for Norway Shooter Says ‘This Whole Case Has Indicated That He Is Insane’Indeed.
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    Crazy Glenn Beck Quote Reminds Us That Glenn Beck Still Exists, Is CrazyHe compares the campers killed in Norway to the Hitler Youth.
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    ‘Good’ News and Bad News From NorwayThe death toll has been lowered significantly.
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    Anders Breivik Plagiarized Ted KaczynskiIs he just lazy?
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    Far-Right Norwegian Confesses to Oslo Bombing, Youth Camp ShootingAdmits “to the facts” and says attacks were “gruesome but necessary.”
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    Far-Right Norwegian Held in Bombing and Slaughter at a Youth Camp [Updated]Police describe the man as “a right-wing fundamentalist Christian.”
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    Norway Terror Friday Death Toll at 91After Oslo bombing and youth camp shooting.