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Nouri Al Maliki

  1. iraq
    Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki Has Finally Agreed to Step DownBye-bye, Maliki.
  2. war in iraq
    The U.S. Is Arming Kurdish Forces in Iraq While Waiting for a New GovernmentThe Pentagon won’t say where the weapons are coming from.
  3. war in iraq
    Obama Losing Patience With Maliki in Iraq, Still Not Sending Ground Troops“American combat troops are not going to be fighting in Iraq again,” the president insisted again.
  4. international affairs
    America Seems Ready to Wade Into Iraq’s Growing Civil War — But on Whose Side?Clearly, ISIS is a nightmare. But on the other side is Iran.
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    Iraqi Prime Minister Will Not Run for Another TermAnd he’s halved his own salary.
  6. early and often
    Behind Maliki’s Move Against McCainThe prime minister of Iraq didn’t have to take sides in the American presidential campaign. So what is he really doing?
  7. early and often
    Obama Gets Tremendous Assist From Iraq’s Prime MinisterMaliki’s “endorsement” is a “huge, huge deal.”