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    Elon Musk Drives NPR Off Twitter in Latest Genius MoveThe outlet said it would stop posting on the site after being labeled “state-sponsored media.”
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    ‘Cruzers’ and the Dark World of School-Shooter Culture OnlineIt took just minutes for the first photograph of alleged school shooter Nikolas Cruz to go viral on Tumblr and school-shooter message boards.
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    Trump Twitter Spent the Fourth Getting Mad About the Declaration of IndependenceNPR tweeted the document in honor of the Fourth of July, and the responses are gold.
  4. Obama Says Democrats Lost ‘Badly’ Because They Didn’t ‘Show Up’Obama reiterates his (implicit) critique of the Clinton campaign, while declaring his intention to become a “talent scout” for the Democratic Party.
  5. media
    NPR’s Diane Rehm Is Retiring Next Year The longtime host will stay on through the 2016 election.
  6. media
    Listening to New York Public Radio Is About to Get Easier Thanks to a big grant.
  7. media
    Terry Gross Is Not a LesbianShe gets that a lot, though.
  8. the intern files
    NPR Intern Plagiarized Story About Witnessing Taliban ExecutionThe summer of journalistic embarrassments rages on.
  9. occupy wall street
    NPR-Affiliated Freelance Radio Host Fired for Protesting [Updated]Occupy D.C. cost her a job.
  10. media
    Conservative Journalist No Longer Conservative Enough for Radio ShowDavid Frum is leaving ‘Marketplace.’
  11. comings and goings
    National Public Radio Names New CEOGary Knell will take over the media organization in December.
  12. the future is coming
    When Twitter Met Facebook: Jerks, Nerds, and VulcansA parable from the wilds of Silicon Valley.
  13. liberal caricatures
    New Times ‘Sunday Review’ Section Will Include Weekly Quiz in Partnership With Wait, Wait Don’t Tell MeAlso, it will be delivered to you in a Volvo, via carpool.
  14. national palestinian radio
    Anthony Weiner Sarcastically Praises NPR Defunding Vote for Two Straight MinutesThis looks like it was very cathartic.
  15. lake wobegon
    Garrison Keillor to Retire in 2013Good-bye, Lake Wobegon.
  16. stunt bubbles
    GOP: EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY, NPR Is Funded by the GOVERNMENTRepublicans in the House will do something about this!
  17. james o’keefe
    The Inevitable Backlash Against James O’Keefe’s Heavily Edited NPR ‘Sting’ BeginsThis always seems to come too late, doesn’t it.
  18. james o’keefe
    James O’Keefe Also Duped PBSNPR, you’re not alone!
  19. npr
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: The NPR FalloutOur political columnist discusses whether NPR would be better off not taking federal funding.
  20. npr
    NPR CEO Vivian Schiller ResignsHappy now, James O’Keefe?
  21. national palestinian radio
    NPR’s Ron Schiller Resigns, Effective ImmediatelyThe NPR exec had already planned on leaving, so …
  22. national palestinian radio
    NPR VP: ‘In The Long Run We Would Be Better Off Without Federal Funding’Right-wing prankster James O’Keefe unveils his latest “sting.”
  23. united we sit
    All America Heard Last Night: ‘Salmon’Obama’s corny joke dominated everything else he said.
  24. radio on the tv
    NPR Exec Who Fired Juan Williams Resigns Under PressureJuan Williams isn’t bitter. Okay, maybe just a little.
  25. cable news catfights
    Roger Ailes Is Very Sorry He Called NPR a ‘Nazi’Some selections of from the #NPRGoesNazi tweet meme.
  26. juan williams
    Hundreds of Angry E-mailers Complain to PBS About the Juan Williams FiringBecause all public broadcasters look the same.
  27. ink-stained wretches
    Liberal Media’s Guidelines for Stewart/Colbert Rally: ‘Politely Chuckle, in a Non-Genuine Manner’The Washington ‘City Paper’ has a laugh at NPR and the WP’s expense.
  28. cable news
    Bill O’Reilly Has Juan Williams’ BackPlus, Rachel Maddow wants to remind everyone that Williams’s firing is SO not a First Amendment issue, on our regular cable-news roundup.
  29. cable news news
    Juan Williams’s Day Wasn’t So Bad After AllAfter getting canned from NPR, he netted himself a $2 million, three-year gig with Fox News.
  30. what other people think
    Was Firing Juan Williams the Right Call?An interesting debate rages across the Internet.
  31. radio on the tv
    NPR Fires Juan Williams for Remarks About Muslims“If I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried.”
  32. medical oddities
    NPR’s Tasteful Take on Things Doctors Remove From Inside PatientsA lesson in keeping it classy.
  33. in other news
    Fox News Gets Front-Row Real Estate in White House Briefing RoomThe fight for Helen Thomas’s seat is over.
  34. in other news
    NPR Says ‘Wait, Wait … We Want Helen Thomas’s Seat Too’Fox News and Bloomberg get some competition.
  35. in other news
    Terry Gross: Too Hot for MississippiThe NPR host is banned down South for having “gratuitous discussions on issues of an explicit sexual nature.”
  36. media metamorphoses
    National Public Radio Is Just NPR Now, Thank YouThe venerable public broadcasting institution has gone the way of FedEx and KFC.
  37. the greatest depression
    Finally, a Broadway-Style Song About Credit Default SwapsIt’s awesome.
  38. good-byes
    Today Was Carl Kasell’s Last Day at Morning EditionThe beloved radio man co-hosted his last broadcast this morning.
  39. awkward things
    Katie Couric Should Probably Call the NPR Support Line This YearHer salary is more than the budget for ‘All Things Considered’ and ‘Morning Edition’ combined.
  40. media deathwatch
    NPR, Hachette Cut BackToday in media metamorphoses: The caterpillar becomes … a caterpillar with fewer legs.
  41. media deathwatch
    NPR Is Philosophical About CutbacksToday on soon-to-be-axed radio show ‘Day to Day’? Job prospects for laid-off journalists!
  42. all celebrities are friends with one another
    Ira Glass Agrees That He Looks Like Rachel MaddowWhich, he concedes, is maybe not the nicest thing to say about a lady.
  43. in other news
    NPR Discovers ‘Zack’Meet Zack. He’s young, he’s hip, he’s in the know, he’s got money to spend, and he just loves listening to National Public Radio. There’s only one drawback to the advertiser’s wet dream that is Zack, and it is that Zack is a figment of NPR staffers’ imagination. (Perhaps he lives next door to the Baileys?) He recently made his debut in a company memo, “NPR Zack: A New Space for Younger Listeners,” trumpeting new ways in which public radio can entice the slipping 25-to-44 demographic. Those ways, according to the memo, are, well, music and news. Except, you know, cool. Like, for instance, news will be delivered throughout the day by “newshounds.”
  44. in other news
    Next on NPR: Also, Sometimes Panhandlers Ask for Money on Subway Cars Yo, whassup homies — NPR is here to tell us about a fresh new trend: Fly rappers dropping sound underground. Hold on. Let’s put this a little more delicately: NPR’s “Weekend Edition” this weekend discovered a fascinating new phenomenon — rappers on the New York City subways who take over trains and force everyone to listen to them for a stop or two. And not only has the intrepid reporter infiltrated the young folks in question, he’s recorded them doing something called “beatboxing”. (Wait’ll they show him the helicopter!) NPR, represent. Adjust your Kangols and acknowledge crack is whack, everyone: It’s going to be a dope ride. Back to 1986. A Captive Audience for Subway Hip-Hop [NPR]
  45. in other news
    Forget Freshness, Shoppers. It’s Chinatown A reporter for NPR’s Morning Edition today took on one of the pretty unvexing questions of our era: Why are vegetables in Chinatown so astronomically cheap? We were hoping the piece would reveal that it was one of those unanswerable but poignant New York mysteries “Metro” section columnists love to mull over — like, why are there no good independent radio stations, and where did that smell come from? But in fact, the question has an equally unvexing answer: Residents of Chinatown eat a huge volume of vegetables, and in volume lies discounts. Plus, because these shoppers cook fresh every day, the vegetables can be thisclose to going bad when they’re sold. (Now we understand why our toxic Met Foods apples are doing fine at two weeks and counting.) We confess, though, that we’re a little sad the answer wasn’t “Because they’re made in China.” Chinatown Vendors Ripe For Bargains [NPR]