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  1. gun control
    Anti-Gun Colorado Lawmakers Recalled, Despite Bloomberg FundingThis proxy battle goes to the NRA.
  2. nra
    NRA Hates Keeping Lists of Gun Owners, Except for Its Own Secret DatabaseThe NRA’s response: “That’s not any of your business.”
  3. kids today
    Teen Wears NRA Shirt to School, Gets Arrested“I just don’t understand why this teacher reacted the way he did,” says his lawyer.
  4. gun control
    Gun Bill Drives Anheuser-Busch Heir to Resign From NRAOnly 3,999,999 to go.
  5. gun violence
    Man Shoots Himself at NRA-Sponsored NASCAR RaceIronic, but not funny.
  6. NRA Looking Increasingly Impotent As Gun-Control Bill Overcomes FilibusterTwenty-one of the lobbying group’s highly rated senators vote to end the filibuster.
  7. gun control
    To Clarify, the NRA Is Extremely Opposed to the Senate’s Watered-Down Gun BillSenators thought they might have caught a break.
  8. Frank Rich: GOP Shamed Out of Guns FilibusterEven if background checks pass, it will be a small step forward for gun control.
  9. gun control
    Bloomberg Copies the NRA, Gives Lawmakers His Own Grades on Gun ControlTaking a cue from his nemesis.
  10. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Mark Sanford Defeats the Bible ThumpersLook who doesn’t support traditional marriage.
  11. NRA Still Working to Undermine Watered-Down Gun-Control LegislationThe group has alternate plans for the gun trafficking proposal.
  12. early and awkward
    Harry Reid Is a Former NRA Supporter, Master of ‘Evolving’He’s shifted on guns, gay rights, and immigration.
  13. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Drops Another $12 Million on Gun Control Ads [Updated]He’s targeting undecided senators.
  14. gun control
    NRA Loses Friends Over Background Checks, Still Influences CongressEven the easy gun control bill is in peril.
  15. gun control
    NRA Reveals Schumer’s Gun Registration PlanWeeks of scheming, undone with a slip of the tongue.
  16. gun control
    Wayne LaPierre Missed an Important Point in the State of the UnionHe doesn’t think Obama’s pro-school safety.
  17. gun control
    NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Exploits Made-Up Memory of Hurricane SandyHe called it “the hellish world that the gun prohibitionists see as their utopia.”
  18. gun control
    NRA Gives Being Reasonable a Try in New AdStep one: Don’t mention the president’s kids.
  19. gun control
    Mayor Bloomberg’s Gun Control Group Will Tackle the NRA After Halftime In ad form.
  20. showdowns
    Fox News’s Chris Wallace Takes a Couple Jabs at NRA’s Wayne LaPierre“That’s ridiculous, and you know it, sir!”
  21. gun control
    NRA Flip-Flops on Background ChecksThey could learn a lot from their old “Be Reasonable” campaign.
  22. gun control
    Crazy Moments From the Senate Panel on Gun ControlAccording to gun advocates, assault weapons are good, background checks are bad.
  23. walkbacks
    Even NRA Lobbyist Thinks Obama Children Ad Was Over the LineYou don’t say.
  24. gun control
    NRA Head Attacks Obama Over Veiled Dig in Inaugural AddressIt was so cleverly hidden, it seemed Obama was talking about the GOP.
  25. guns
    Chris Christie Stands With Dad-in-Chief Against ‘Reprehensible’ NRA AdThe New Jersey governor defended the president.
  26. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Gun Control Needs More Than ObamaThis will take decades.
  27. gun control
    NRA Jabs Obama Kids’ Secret Service Protection“Are the president’s kids more important than yours?”
  28. gun control
    Republicans Won’t Fight Cuomo’s New Gun Laws, But the NRA Will Albany is close to a deal, and gun advocates are mobilizing.
  29. gun control
    Joe Biden Is Preparing an Ambitious Gun Control Plan [Updated]His task force’s recommendations will go beyond reinstating the assault weapons ban.
  30. guns
    Newtown-Area Gun Show Goes On Despite Mayor’s Objections“Untimely and insensitive.”
  31. gun control
    Gun Owners Procrastinate on Shopping TooBullets: the year’s hottest gift?
  32. gun control
    Cory Booker: Fight Over Gun Control Is a ‘False Debate’“I don’t know if anybody here has seen anybody shot,” said Booker.
  33. gun control
    Israelis Point Out a Flaw in NRA Head’s Gun ProposalDon’t drag them into the gun control debate.
  34. guns
    At Least One School District Is Getting Armed Guards Over Winter BreakThe NRA has found a poster boy in New Jersey mayor Jonathan Hornik.
  35. gun control
    NRA Head Still Thinks That the Solution to Gun Violence Is More GunsWayne LaPierre doubled down on his Friday comments.
  36. gun control
    Chris Christie Opposes Turning Schools Into ‘Armed Camps for Kids’He just doesn’t think guns contribute to a positive learning environment.
  37. gun control
    Do Democrats Need to Like Gun Lovers?Before the party can pass gun control, Charles Schumer says, they’ll have to warm up to gun lovers like him.
  38. guns
    Four Dead in Pennsylvania ShootingThree state troopers were also injured.
  39. newtown massacre
    Some People Loved That NRA Speech by Wayne LaPierre [Updated]“They have good points.”
  40. NRA Is Not Onboard With New Gun LegislationThis was a disaster.
  41. newtown massacre
    Obama Preempts NRA News Conference With Video on Gun Control“We hear you.”
  42. newtown massacre
    Obama Launching Gun Task Force Headed by Joe Biden [Updated]The president will speak a bit about his plan this afternoon.
  43. newtown massacre
    The NRA Is Silent, But Probably Not for LongIt’s just gearing up to fight new gun control laws.
  44. Frank Rich: America’s Other Original SinThe struggle to make America safer will take decades. Is Newtown the start?
  45. stoking the fire(arms)
    NRA President Thinks People Are Way Overreacting to the Trayvon Martin ShootingHe blasts the media for “manufacturing controversy.” 
  46. know your audience
    How Many Times Did Mitt Romney Mention Guns at the NRA Yesterday? Hint: More than zero, less than two.
  47. arizona shooting
    Will the Tucson Shooting Alter the Gun-Control Debate?Signs point to no.
  48. in other news
    Bill-Rudy Letters Show Just How Anti-Gun Giuliani Used to Be Today the Post tells us about the “love notes” between Rudy Giuliani and Bill Clinton that the pair exchanged while Clinton was president and Giuliani was mayor of New York City. The missives were sent after Giuliani supported national legislation that was also backed by Clinton, and boy are they steamy. “You can be proud of your efforts to promote this bill,” cooed Clinton, who send Giuliani a signed photograph. “Thank you for the signing pen,” gushed Giuliani. “I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.” It’s practically pornographic! The Post dug up the correspondence after Giuliani hinted that he had flattering letters from Clinton that he might use against Hillary if the race got tight. It was a good, funny piece of investigative work on their part, but we can’t help but wonder why they failed to make the obvious point.
  49. in other news
    Rudy Loses the Quiet-Car VoteAfter all the lengthy stories we’ve read about Rudy Giuliani in the Times lately, we felt they had us pretty well versed in his flaws. But now the Caucus blog has revealed a new side to the man who would be president: He’s an unapologetic cell-phone menace. During his speech to members of the NRA this morning, Rudy took a call from none other than Mrs. Schmoopy. “Hello dear. I’m talking to the members of the NRA right now,” he said, according to reporter Michael Falcone. “Would you like to say hello? I’ll give you a call as soon as I’m done. Have a safe trip. Bye-bye.” Cute! Except not really. The Times notes this is not the first time Giuliani has answered his phone during a campaign speech — he did it back in June, in Hialeah, Florida — and indicates that the NRA members did not seem amused. No doubt this had something to do with the personalized ringtone Rudes has for Judi, which we have heard is a remix of Sisqo’s “Thong Song.” Giuliani: Excuse Me While I Take This Call [NYT]