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Nuclear Option

  1. A 2018 Anthony Kennedy Retirement Would Light Up a Fiery Battle for the SenateThe 2018 electoral landscape is currently focused on the House. But a postelection SCOTUS-confirmation fight could make every Senate seat matter.
  2. GOP Senators Reject Trump’s Call for Getting Rid of Filibuster“That will not happen,” said the Majority Leader.
  3. Trump Calls for Government Shutdown in SeptemberOn Twitter, Trump says a government shutdown or elimination of the legislative filibuster might be a good thing when the next funding fight arrives.
  4. Frustrated Trump May Be Tempted to Push for Total ‘Nuking’ of the FilibusterAnything Trump has been able to accomplish has involved getting around the filibuster. He might decide to try to just get rid of it once and for all.
  5. Democrats Should Never Bring Back the SCOTUS FilibusterAlthough Republicans would love it if they did.
  6. Senate Confirms GorsuchBig questions now include Gorsuch’s impact on the Court, the fight’s impact on the Senate, and the possibility Trump will get to fill another vacancy.
  7. Senate Goes Nuclear, Eliminates Filibuster for Supreme Court ConfirmationsThe long-awaited GOP move to force confirmation of Neil Gorsuch and future nominees by a simple majority has finally happened.
  8. Democrats Have the Votes for a Filibuster of GorsuchIn response, the GOP seems ready to go nuclear.
  9. Possible Deal Would Give Gorsuch Easy Confirmation and Democrats Future LeverageAn obstruction-free vote this time in exchange for a guarantee the filibuster will remain in effect if Trump gets another SCOTUS pick.
  10. GOP Prepares to Go Nuclear Over GorsuchRepublicans are taking umbrage at Democrats’ questioning of Gorsuch so that they can justify killing a filibuster against him.
  11. How to Understand the Gorsuch Confirmation FightThe two parties will promote very different standards for what a SCOTUS nominee needs for confirmation. Gorsuch’s may require “nuking” a filibuster.
  12. Trump Plans Reality-TV-Style SCOTUS Pick, While Democrats Promise FilibusterGet ready for some prime-time drama.
  13. ‘Nuclear Option’ for SCOTUS Picks in Play in ’16If Republicans control the Senate after November, they may get to decide whether the next president gets to appoint a Supreme Court member — or several of them.  
  14. Today in HackeryCharles Krauthammer, meet Google.
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    The Nuclear Option and Bipartisan FantasiesOh, the humanity!
  16. the national interest
    Why Democrats Partially Nuked the FilibusterYou maniacs! You blew it up! A small, oddly chosen piece of it, anyway.
  17. the national interest
    Harry Reid Getting Itchy Nuclear Trigger FingerWheee, another constitutional crisis is upon us!
  18. the national interest
    Senate Republicans: All Obama Judges Are BadAppointing judges is another thing Obama should not be doing at all.