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  1. Indian Point Leaked (a Non-Dangerous Amount of) Tritium Into the GroundwaterNothing to see here.
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    Workers Enter Japan’s Nuclear Reactor BuildingFirst time since the earthquake.
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    Japan Upgrades Nuclear Threat at Fukushima Plant to Chernobyl LevelsFrom Level 5 to a Level 7.
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    Japan Expands Evacuation Zone As 6.6 Aftershock Hits Near Fukushima Nuclear PlantA month after the tsunami.
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    Only Two U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Meet Federal Fire Regulations“Our nuclear plants are like snowflakes.”
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    Radioactive Water at Fukushima Plant Could Soon Leak Into OceanContamination is spreading farther away from the plant.
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    Breached Reactor Core at Fukushima Plant, Radiation Outside Evacuation Zone Too High for Infants [Updated]Workers waded into water with 10,000 times the normal level of radiation.
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    Mixed Messages Over Radiation in Japan’s Tap WaterOfficials say tap water is once again safe for infants.
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    Elevated Radioactive Iodine Found in Tokyo Tap WaterMore than twice the allowable amount for infants.
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    Japan’s Nuclear Crisis: The Worst-Case Scenarios Explained“You could lose all six of the reactors.”
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    Japan Uses Helicopters to Cool Overheated ReactorsIt’s a last-ditch effort to avoid a meltdown.
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    U.S. Urges Wider Evacuation After Pool for Spent Fuel Rods Boils DryThe U.S. urges Japan to vastly expand its evacuation zone.
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    ‘The 50’ Work to Prevent a Nuclear Catastrophe in Japan [Updated]As radiation levels soar, only 50 workers remain at the troubled plant.
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    Radiation Levels Rise, Long-Term Danger Looms After Third Explosion Hits Nuclear Plant in JapanNew worries over spent fuel rods.