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Nuclear Power Plants

  1. international news
    No Radiation Leaking in French Nuclear Plant Explosion [Updated]A blast at Marcoule in southern France killed one person this morning.
  2. this! is! kind of scary!
    How Not to Run Meeting When You’re in Charge of a Nuclear Power Plant“By the way, we’re all gonna die!”
  3. japan
    More Threats Emerge at Japan’s Nuclear PlantA report finds an array of new problems
  4. triple crisis
    Second Explosion Reported at Daiichi Reactor; Emergency Declared at Fourth Nuclear Plant [Updated]Updates on the crises in Japan.
  5. triple crisis
    Japan’s Official Death Toll Rises, a ‘Partial Meltdown’ Occurs [Updated]And the stock market is expected to fall.
  6. triple crisis
    Japanese Nuclear Reactor Flooded With Seawater to Avoid MeltdownMeanwhile, three residents among 90 tested at random showed excess exposure to radiation.