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Nuclear Power

  1. climate change
    On Climate, Sanders and Warren Must Go NuclearBernie Sanders is right that the climate crisis demands a radical break with obsolete ideologies – but that includes anti-nuclear leftism.
  2. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: A Radically Moderate Answer to Climate ChangeSometimes moderation isn’t just the mushy middle between two extremes; it’s a form of pragmatic and even revolutionary imagination.
  3. Trump Thinks About Nuclear Annihilation a Lot, But Doesn’t Know Much About ItTrump has worried about nuclear war for decades, and thinks his own negotiating skills are the only thing that can save us.
  4. Iran Says It Downed an Israeli DroneNear a nuclear facility, no less.
  5. japan
    A Japanese Official Drank ‘Decontaminated’ Water From Fukushima on TV“Oh God.”
  6. international news
    No Radiation Leaking in French Nuclear Plant Explosion [Updated]A blast at Marcoule in southern France killed one person this morning.
  7. rudy
    Indian Point Needs a Spokesman to Offset Negative PressSo they called Rudy Giuliani.
  8. indian point
    Cuomo Says No Nukes, and Means ItHe looks serious about closing the Indian Point power plant.
  9. nuclear power
    Natural Disasters Affect Nuclear Plants in America, TooBecause Nebraska wasn’t busy enough dealing with flood waters.
  10. close encounters of the blurred kind
    You Know Who Is Really Into Spying on Our Nuclear Power Plants? ALIENSSomething must be done!
  11. neighborhood news
    Try Not to Worry About That ‘Amateur’ Nuclear Reactor on Your Quiet Brooklyn StreetIt almost definitely won’t make your kid grow up with three ears.
  12. scary things
    New Jersey Man Accused of Al Qaeda Ties in YemenSharif Mobley also worked at nuclear power plants. Great.
  13. early and often
    White House to Reduce Nuclear ArsenalBut they won’t promise to only use them to deter nuclear attack from elsewhere.
  14. imby
    President Obama Goes NuclearWe’re getting new nuclear plants, and hopefully we’ll find somewhere to put all that waste.