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Nuclear Proliferation

  1. A Brief History of North Korea in 3 Minutes▶️ A condensed history of the troubled nation, from the Japanese annexation in 1910 to present day.
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    Why North Korea’s Nuclear Test Should Unnerve and Embarrass TrumpThe dangerous escalation proves that the U.S. and its regional allies must put existential questions ahead of political ones.
  3. Tremor in North Korea Raises Fears of a 6th Nuclear TestIt would be the third since Trump’s election.
  4. What Is the Doomsday Clock, and What Makes It Tick?▶️ After the election of Donald Trump, the 70-year-old clock has been set at two-and-a-half minutes to midnight.
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    Pence Declares End to ‘Strategic Patience’ After N. Korea’s Failed Missile TestA U.S. military response isn’t expected, though experts were alarmed by the regime’s apparent missile advancements.
  6. Trump: U.S. Has ‘Fallen Behind’ on Nukes, Vows to Return to ‘Top of the Pack’This isn’t the first time the president has appeared to advocate for nuclear proliferation.
  7. Donald Trump Just Pledged to ‘Strengthen’ America’s Nuclear CapabilityTrump’s pledge came the same day that Vladimir Putin vowed to do the same for his country.