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Nuclear War

  1. the test of time
    The Last Weekend in New York EverSixty years ago, a young reporter covering the Cuban Missile Crisis glimpsed Armageddon.
  2. foreign interests
    Biden Says U.S. Will Defend Taiwan Against China — or Maybe NotThe president’s comment indicated an aggressive change in policy. The White House quickly walked it back.
  3. foreign interests
    Ukraine Is a War Without EndgameNo side in the conflict seems to have any idea how to avert disaster, be that the ruin of Ukraine, a global recession, or nuclear war.
  4. iran
    If Trump Can’t Bully Iran Into Backing Down, Things Could Get Scary FastTrump hates limited, conventional wars and also thinks intimidating enemies with great shows of force will subdue them. What if it doesn’t this time?
  5. foreign policy
    Trump Slowly Realizing It’s North Korea’s Reality Show, Not HisThe president is getting frustrated about North Korea’s continued obfuscation as his fake peace deal with Kim Jong-un falls apart.
  6. nuclear war
    This Is What a Nuclear Attack in New York City Would Look LikeIf America is attacked, the strike probably won’t come from North Korea. And it will be even scarier than we imagine.
  7. nuclear war watch
    Are Putin’s New Nukes a Real Threat?“Invincible” nuclear weapons sound scary, but don’t really change the balance of power.
  8. Half of Republicans Think Trump’s a GeniusAnd over half of Democrats think Trump’s mentally unstable. We’re not all just going to get along.
  9. The Frightening Lessons From Hawaii’s False Missile AlertSaturday’s mistake exposed serious problems with both state and federal emergency-alert procedures, and the public response.
  10. games
    How Do You Watch the Olympics in the Shadow of Nuclear Apocalypse?If you thought Putin’s 2014 Games were scary, wait until you put an Olympic Games less than 50 miles from the Korean Demilitarized Zone.
  11. White House Officials Are Afraid of Trump’s ‘Nuclear Button’Thus far, Trump has allowed his advisers to overrule his worst instincts. But “the adults” are losing influence — and the “Button” is in his hands.
  12. foreign policy
    Trump’s Tweet Won’t Start Nuclear War — But the Real Danger Is Still TerrifyingWe’re about to see what happens when a powerful country loses credibility so rapidly it doesn’t know it’s gone.
  13. foreign policy
    8 Takeaways From Trump’s Tweet Bragging About the Size of His ‘Nuclear Button’Aside from the horror of the president threatening nuclear war on Twitter.
  14. encounter
    Daniel Ellsberg Is Still Thinking About the Papers He Didn’t Get to LeakThe man who released the Pentagon Papers is back with a new book, The Doomsday Machine.
  15. foreign policy
    Trump Continues to Tease a War With North KoreaThe president clearly wants to keep everyone guessing, but what if Pyongyang guesses wrong?
  16. nuclear war
    North Korea Says Trump’s ‘Rocket Man’ Insult Makes Attack on U.S. ‘Inevitable’The crisis over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions is clearly getting worse, not better.
  17. tips for surviving nuclear war
    Guam Warns Not to Look at ‘Flash or Fireball’ During Nuclear AttackThe territory’s Department of Homeland Security is prepping citizens in case North Korea strikes, as Trump refuses to back down on his own threats.
  18. Could Donald Trump Stumble Into Nuclear War With North Korea?A standoff with no good options is made worse by the unpredictability of Kim Jong-un — and the American president.
  19. scary things
    North Korea Can Now Strike L.A., But Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Still M.I.A.The White House isn’t instilling much confidence in its plan for handling the ever-escalating North Korea crisis.
  20. Most Americans See Trump As a Racist Madman — Some Just Like That in a PresidentNew polls show a majority of voters saying Trump is racist, and there is a nearly 50 percent chance he’ll start a nuclear war.
  21. Hillary Clinton Should Go Nuclear on Donald TrumpQuestioning Donald Trump’s safety around nuclear codes is a legitimate campaign issue, and Clinton should look to golden-oldie ads to dramatize it.
  22. Scarborough: Trump Asked Adviser ‘Why Can’t We Use Nuclear Weapons?’Three times.