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Nuclear Weapons

  1. movies
    Oppenheimer’s Politics Are Good, ActuallyContrary to critics’ claims, the movie is soft on neither the Soviet Union or the American security state.
  2. foreign interests
    Who Are the Japanese in Oppenheimer?Christopher Nolan’s biopic of the “father of the atomic bomb” has trouble defining the enemy who bore the brunt of that terrible weapon.
  3. on with kara swisher
    Richard Haass on America’s Relationship Problems With ChinaKara Swisher talks with the Council on Foreign Relations president about Biden’s spy-balloon-size missed opportunity.
  4. ukraine war
    U.S. Officials Are Increasingly Anxious About Russia’s NukesAccording to the Times, one anonymous official said there were “new, troubling developments” involving the country’s arsenal.
  5. just asking questions
    What If Putin Actually Uses Nuclear Weapons on Ukraine?Talking with RAND policy researcher Edward Geist about what a Russian strike might look like.
  6. paranoia
    The City Rolls Out a New PSA About … Nuclear War?Behold the Department of Emergency Management’s strange PSA on what to do if New York is hit with a nuke.
  7. foreign interests
    The Terrible Case for a No-Fly Zone in UkraineDoes NATO really want to start World War III?
  8. nuclear arms race
    China Tested a Nuclear-Capable Hypersonic Missile: ReportThe weapon is harder to track and destroy than a ballistic missile.
  9. world view
    Kim Jong-un Is Plotting a Not So Happy New YearNorth Korea failed to deliver on its ominous promise of a Christmas “gift” to the U.S., but it’s still preparing to ratchet up tensions in 2020.
  10. vision 2020
    Bullock, Sestak Drop Out of 2020 Presidential RaceBullock had a great electability argument. But he got into the race late and then failed to make enough of a mark.
  11. russia
    It Appears Russia Is Covering Up a Nuclear Accident AgainReports of high radiation after a nuclear blast in the apparent quest for a “doomsday weapon” are fueling speculation of a smaller, second Chernobyl.
  12. vision 2020
    Why the Democratic Debate Revived an Old Question About Nuclear WeaponsFearing Trump, Elizabeth Warren had proposed prohibiting any first use of nukes by any U.S. president, as Obama had considered doing.
  13. nuclear weapons
    Warren Unveils Bill Barring U.S. From Initiating a Nuclear HolocaustHer new bill would make it official U.S. policy not to use nukes first in an armed conflict. Republicans call this dangerous and irresponsible.
  14. world view
    Trump Just Scrapped a Nuclear Treaty That Kept Us Safe for DecadesExiting the INF Treaty undermines long-settled thinking on arms control. Now 2020 could see the biggest debate on U.S. nuclear policy in a generation.
  15. foreign policy
    Why Nuclear Weapons Are Shaping Up As a Big 2020 Campaign IssueLast time that happened, George H.W. Bush wasn’t just alive, he was a candidate.
  16. foreign policy
    Putin Violated an Arms Treaty. Trump Ditching It Makes the Nuclear Threat Worse.Trump thinks if Russia does it, the U.S. should ignore the INF Treaty, too. But helping erode a treaty that curbed the arms race isn’t the answer.
  17. north korea
    U.N. Watchdog: North Korea Hasn’t Stopped Making NukesBut…but Trump said we didn’t have to worry about this anymore!
  18. international politics
    Why We Should Be Unsettled that Germany Is Debating Acquiring Nuclear WeaponsThe terms of the debate are disturbing, whatever route the German government decides to take.
  19. Still No Clarity From White House on North Korea PlanBut at least we’re not at war yet.
  20. foreign policy
    North Korea May Have Ramped Up Nuclear ProductionKim Jong-un is working to covertly expand his nuclear arsenal, according to an assessment leaked by U.S. intelligence officials.
  21. nuclear war
    This Is What a Nuclear Attack in New York City Would Look LikeIf America is attacked, the strike probably won’t come from North Korea. And it will be even scarier than we imagine.
  22. diplomacy
    Trump Says He’ll Know Outcome of North Korea Summit After One MinuteNorth Korea’s Supreme Leader will be no match for President Trump’s supreme confidence.
  23. foreign policy
    U.S. Officials Meet With North Koreans to Discuss SummitThe U.S. has sent an experienced diplomat across the border in an effort to salvage and resume preparations for the still-cancelled June 12 summit.
  24. foreign policy
    What Happens When You Treat Nuclear Diplomacy Like a Reality-TV ShowTrump has had his share of political successes from his reckless, narrative-focused approach. But the real-world dangers are building.
  25. foreign policy
    Pompeo Says North Korea Will Get Americans Instead of AidThe Trump administration apparently thinks the communist nation will accept capitalism in exchange for its nukes.
  26. international affairs
    North Korea Schedules Demolition of Nuclear Test SiteIt’s inviting journalists to a closing ceremony at the site less than three weeks before the upcoming summit with the U.S.
  27. wait what
    John Bolton Says U.S. Is Considering ‘Libya Model’ for North Korea“Libya’s giving up its nuclear arms was used as an invasion tactic to disarm the country,” a North Korean official said in 2011.
  28. foreign policy
    Kim Jong-un Wants U.S. Promise Not to Invade in Exchange for NukesBut his rhetorical ramp-up to peace talks should be considered style without substance until proven otherwise.
  29. foreign policy
    Trump May Not Understand What North Korea Has Committed ToOr he doesn’t understand what “denuclearization” means, or how diplomacy works, or all of the above.
  30. North Korea Announces Indefinite Suspension of Nuclear ProgramThe dramatic move comes ahead of a planned meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un.
  31. nuclear war watch
    Are Putin’s New Nukes a Real Threat?“Invincible” nuclear weapons sound scary, but don’t really change the balance of power.
  32. Mattis: The U.S. Needs a Smaller Nuke to Prevent Nuclear WarThe Defense Secretary said if the military had smaller nukes, it would deter nations from hitting the U.S. with small nuclear weapons of their own.
  33. Report: U.S. Plans to Develop More Nuclear WeaponsYet another departure from President Obama’s policies and philosophy.
  34. scary things
    Hawaii Receives False-Alarm ‘Ballistic Missile Threat’ AlertThe automated message, a result of human error, even said that it was “not a drill.”
  35. CDC Delays Nuclear-Preparedness Training to Focus on Flu InsteadBefore you consider how to negotiate a post-apocalyptic landscape, make sure to get plenty of fluids.
  36. North Korea’s Only Nuclear-Test Site Is Suffering From ‘Tired Mountain Syndrome’Despite the risks associated with the exhaustion, Pyongyang is unlikely to give the site a break.
  37. Trump Recently Demanded an Eightfold Increase in Nuclear ArsenalTrump saw a slide showing America had more nukes in the late 1960s than it does now – and demanded we close the missile gap with history.
  38. A Brief History of North Korea in 3 Minutes▶️ A condensed history of the troubled nation, from the Japanese annexation in 1910 to present day.
  39. scary things
    Trump Says U.S. Could Cut Off Trade With China After North Korean Nuclear TestFor the first time, the country has tested a bomb that exceeds the destructive power of the ones dropped on Japan during World War II.
  40. The Bomb-Shelter Biz Is Exploding Thanks to North Korea’s Missile TestsFear of a “Trumpocalypse” is helping too.
  41. Could Donald Trump Stumble Into Nuclear War With North Korea?A standoff with no good options is made worse by the unpredictability of Kim Jong-un — and the American president.
  42. Trump Says He ‘Modernized’ America’s Nuclear Arsenal in 6 MonthsMeanwhile, Sebastian Gorka announces that we’re living through a modern Cuban Missile Crisis, and so all criticism of the president must cease.
  43. U.N. Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons Approved by Nations That Don’t Have NukesThe nine nations that possess nuclear weapons did not participate in the treaty negotiations.
  44. Why It’s So Hard to ‘Deter’ North KoreaNorth Korea places a huge value on projecting itself as a Great Power that can “deter” its enemies. And that’s true, whether or not it has nukes.
  45. Did Trump Just Declare War on a Nuclear-Weapons State Over Twitter?“While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!”
  46. North Korea Threatens ‘Super-Mighty Preemptive Strike’The warning comes after Secretary Tillerson says the country may be designated a state sponsor of terrorism.
  47. As U.S. Frets Over Nuclear Test, North Korea Hosts Volleyball Games at Test SiteMeanwhile, Mike Pence says the U.S. will “meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective American response.”
  48. Russian State TV Declares Trump ‘More Impulsive’ Than Kim Jong-un“Ivanka already convinced Trump to bomb Assad, what if she convinces him to bomb Kim?” a Russian newscaster laments.
  49. just asking questions
    An Atomic-Weapons Expert on the Worst-Case Nuclear ScenarioScientist Philip Coyle was the head of nuclear-weapons testing under President Bill Clinton and an adviser to the Carter and Obama administrations.
  50. A Major Geopolitical Crisis Is Brewing in North KoreaNorth Korea launches missiles at U.S. bases in Japan — while China sanctions South Korea for building up its missile defense.
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