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  1. neighborhood news
    Coed Naked Yoga Is Coming to Chelsea Don’t get too excited.
  2. Cops Reminded Repeatedly That Exposed Boobs Are Not a CrimeAn NYPD memo stresses the point.
  3. nudity
    The New Yorker Cartoon a Bit Too Nipply for Facebook “The gain in clothes caused too great a loss in humor.”
  4. shirts v skins
    Nudity Advocate Fights for Her Right to MTA Toplessness“She still has three outstanding busts,” says her lawyer.
  5. neighborhood news
    Sorry, Ladies, Naked Yoga in Brooklyn Is for Guys OnlyBut the studio’s website has a very informative FAQ.
  6. boobs
    Nudity Proponent Flashes Breasts in CourtShe claims “no one is brave enough” to join her.
  7. stupid crime of the day
    New York’s Naked Crime Spree ContinuesMichael Canaii “sauntered” down the street, screaming and smashing in car windows.
  8. the future is coming
    A Very Scientific Study of How Many Penises You Will See on Chatroulette 2.0We tried Chatroulette 50 times so you wouldn’t have to.
  9. streakers
    Billionaire Offers $1 Million to the First Person to Streak in Front of ObamaPlease let this happen.
  10. travesties
    New Jersey Denies Old People Fun New PastimeAsbury Park won’t go topless after all.
  11. cleaning up
    Giving BP the BounceA naked bike ride this weekend provided another chance to take a swing at BP.
  12. brrrr
    Bike Lane Protesters Decide Offending Orthodox Jews Isn’t Worth Frost BiteIt was too nippy.
  13. hipsters
    Bedford Bike Lane Battle Takes Next Logical Step: A Nude ProtestThat’ll teach ‘em!
  14. sex on skates
    Levi Johnston and Matthew Settle, Full-Frontal FathersWait, don’t all good things happen in threes?
  15. surprised by nudity
    Standard Hotel’s Exhibitionist Enthusiasm Finally Bites It in the AssYou know, because there’s a park under the hotel. Where people take their children.
  16. the greatest show of our time
    Chuck Bass Would Do FrontalDon’t worry, we’re already penning a screenplay.
  17. photo op
    Lush Employees Go NakedLush employees all over the city dropped trou today in support of their company.
  18. party lines
    Would You Get Naked in the City? Celebrities Weigh InWe quizzed stars like Kirsten Dunst, Will Ferrell and Simon van Kempen on where (or whom!) they’d like to get naked within the city limits. And we want to hear your stories!
  19. photo op
    The First American ‘Equus’ Promo Shot Arrives — Yep, It’s a Shirtless Daniel RadcliffeWe have the latest nearly nekkid shot of little Harry Potter.
  20. photo op
    The Naked Cowgranny Takes Times SquareAnd we thought we’d seen it all.
  21. in other news
    Alex McCord Regrets the Creepy Nude Photo ShootFinally, the kookiest Real Housewife is having saddlebag shame.
  22. photo op
    Just Another Summer Weekend on Fire Island Posing for vacation pictures, Cherry Grove style.
  23. the morning line
    What a Bargain! • Thanks to the limp dollar, New York is now only the fifteenth most expensive city in the world. Moscow (where a luxury bedroom is $4,000 a month), London, and Seoul are the top three. [amNY] • The Post is up in arms over Bloomberg’s pay-to-the-poor incentive program, with experts warning it may cost the city “hundreds of millions.” Those poor get all the breaks. [NYP] • In the wake of the Sean Bell case, NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly wants to institute sobriety testing for every cop who shoots someone. (One of Bell’s killers had two beers before the shooting.) [NYDN] • The city has paid a $29,000 settlement to Jill Coccaro, a woman erroneously arrested for going topless. In New York, of course, women have a full, if woefully rarely exercised, right to take off their shirts in public. And yet we can’t dance in bars. [CNN] • And, you think Bush v. Gore was bad? Residents of Potter, an upstate town, accidentally voted to ban alcohol in a ballot mix-up and might soon be forced to go dry. [NYT]
  24. party lines
    Celebrities Exposed at Dressed to KiltLast night was the annual Dressed to Kilt fashion show, a benefit at Capitale for which innumerable celebrities and demi-celebrities — like Stone Phillips (at left), and you can decide for yourself which category he falls into — walk the catwalk in kilts to benefit the Friends of Scotland charity, show off their legs, and raise the question in curious onlookers’ minds of just what body parts they might display that they don’t mean to display. (How does a true Scotsman pick up women? “Sit on a bar stool, give ‘em a little peep,” explained Lord of the Rings hobbit Billy Boyd.)
  25. cultural capital
    Naked Comedy: Less Arousing Than It Sounds “Clothing required on your left, clothing optional on your right,” greeted the usher for the Naked Comedy Showcase at the PIT over the weekend. One middle-aged woman shimmied out of her skirt (and everything else) to the tune of “Hey Ya!” with about as much fanfare as someone getting ready for a shower, which provoked not whistles but rather indifference. Host Andy Ofiesh, a pudgy redhead who notes that “my penis is fun size; you can fit the whole thing your mouth,” introduced Tommy D., who’s proud of his copious body hair and man boobs, and had his cell phone tucked into his white socks and sneakers. He read poetry while a tiny bead of a mysterious white substance dripped off his balls onto the ground — the first clue that although this was indeed naked, it wouldn’t necessarily inspire hooking up after the show.
  26. cultural capital
    Jonathan Ames to Bring Moby, Nudity to Pitkin’s for a RematchWord comes from performance author Jonathan Ames that his show at Mo Pitkin’s tonight will include “nude wrestling, pillow-fights, paddling, chaos, excellent performances, and a likely guest appearance by Moby.” Nekkidness, chaos, and Moby the Jesus-fearing vegan, all in one place? Not as strange as you’d think: We heard from a witness that the shaved one once had so much fun at a Stamford, Connecticut, strip club that he convinced the staff to keep the place open for him several hours past closing. When the owners wanted to charge him a couple thousand dollars more for this indulgence than he thought was fair, he not only refused to pay a cent of it but also threatened to call the cops and report a fight outside of the club. “The sad part about this,” Moby allegedly told a bouncer, “is that when we wake up tomorrow, I’ll still be me and you’ll still be you.” Even worse: He’ll still be the guy who said that. —Daniel Maurer The Jonathan Ames Show [MoPitkins.com]
  27. intel
    But Where Do You Put Your MetroCard? CORRECTION: Due to an editing error, we inadvertently published a modified version of the Times email newsletter UrbanEye’s brief on the No-Pants Subway Ride as our own content. Daily Intel regrets our stupidity and apologizes to both the Times and UrbanEye’s author, Melena Ryzik. So now we’ll just leave it that the No-Pants Subway Ride is Saturday, and interested participants should meet in Foley Square at 3 p.m. UrbanEye [NYT (last item)] Improv Everywhere [Official site]