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  1. 2012
    Ed Koch Enjoyed His Recent Role As N.Y.-9 KingmakerHe’s thinking of taking it national.
  2. politics
    Congressional Democrats on N.Y.-9 Loss: ‘Only in New York!’“Bizarre.”
  3. ny-9
    N.Y.-9 Goes Republican, With Many Bad Signs for ObamaTurner won.
  4. ny-9
    Anthony Weiner Voted for David Weprin TodayAs if the Democratic candidate didn’t already have enough problems.
  5. ny-9
    Another Poll Shows David Weprin Trailing Bob TurnerWith a day to go before the special election, N.Y.-9 is looking more and more like a Republican district.
  6. early and awkward
    This Video of David Weprin Dancing Will Haunt YouYou’ve been warned.
  7. ny-9
    Maybe This Wasn’t the Right Time for a Political Ad Featuring a Plane Flying by BuildingsThe anti-Bob Turner ad has already been changed.
  8. ny-9
    Democrats Are Increasingly Worried About Losing Weiner’s Former Congressional SeatThey’re spending like drunken sailors all of a sudden.
  9. ny-9
    Nate Silver Thinks N.Y.–9 Could Go RepublicanPerhaps. So hedgeth the oracle.