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  1. politics
    Eric Adams Was Missing During a Natural Disaster — AgainThis is becoming a pattern.
  2. the city politic
    Brooklyn’s Democratic Boss Is Taking a Step Back — for the Happiest of ReasonsRodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn isn’t done with politics though.
  3. the city politic
    Who Will Be Eric Adams’s Partner in Power?City Council Speaker is an extremely powerful position that can help shape a political era in NYC. But it’s not on the ballot.
  4. nyc
    Violent Crime Actually Dropped in New York City This SummerNYPD statistics for August showed that murders and shootings have decreased for three straight months.
  5. census
    Despite Everything, New York City Is Still a Very Popular Place to LiveThere are now almost nine million residents, per new census data.
  6. nyc
    New York City’s Vaccine Mandates Are WorkingVaccinations have increased significantly since Mayor de Blasio announced that city employees must prove they signed up for a shot.
  7. yang gang
    Andrew Yang Enters NYC Mayor’s Race With Darren Aronofsky–Directed Campaign VidHis first order of business? Bring TikTok Hype Houses to New York.
  8. the coronavirus
    Dun Dun: New York City Resumes Film and TV Production on July 20Bill de Blasio said that “we want people to get their livelihoods back.”
  9. new york city housing authority
    Don’t Expect Ben Carson to Fix New York City’s Housing WoesNew York City’s public housing is in shambles, but a federal receivership probably won’t help.
  10. Time Capsule That Looked Like an Old Missile Causes Midtown Bomb ScareIt was apparently buried by the owner of the old Danceteria nightclub in the 1980s.
  11. NYC’s New Ferry Network Is Launching in MayThe boats don’t yet have names, so the city’s second-graders are tasked with picking them.
  12. NYC Taxi Cab Medallions Are Getting Pretty CheapThey are now going for less than $250,000, compared to more than $1 million just a few years ago.
  13. Wi-Fi Kiosks Are Poised to Remake the City’s SidewalksBig, ugly, and incredibly useful, the new LinkNYC internet stations will soon blanket our streets. 
  14. 7 Things We Learned From the FEC Data MapLots of Bernie supporters, but way less money going to him from New York than you might think.
  15. real estate
    Why Chinese Rich Are Cooling on NYC Real EstateChanges in China and the U.S. mean the city’s high-end real estate is starting to cool off.
  16. somebody’s gotta go
    Why You Can’t Go Here: NYC’s Perpetual Public-Toilet ProblemA decade ago, Bloomberg tried to fix the problem. Today, there are a bunch of restroom kiosks sitting in a warehouse in Queens.
  17. Midtown Thief Gets Bank Robbery Right on Second TryIf at first you do not succeed in committing a felony, try again. 
  18. boob tube
    Taxi TV May Finally Go DarkYou may soon be able to ride in a cab without being force-fed Jimmy Kimmel clips.
  19. bye summer
    This Summer Was the Safest New York Has Seen in Decades, NYPD Says… But the homicide rate is still up 6 percent. 
  20. parks and recreation
    Here Are Some New Images of Barry Diller’s Floating Park on the Hudson RiverMore detailed renderings of Pier55.
  21. NYPD Testing System That Could Distinguish Gunfire From FireworksMayor Bill de Blasio announced that about 300 sensors are set to be placed around the city.
  22. last resorts
    IDNYC Data Can Be Deleted at End of 2016 In 2016, to help protect undocumented immigrants’ personal information.
  23. One Man’s Trial Shows the Long Reach of Ferguson, Staten Island, and Bed-StuyOne man’s trial shows the long reach of Ferguson, Staten Island, and Bed-Stuy
  24. What to Expect From Mayor de Blasio’s State of the City Speech on TuesdayThe mayor has a lot to be proud of and a few messes worth addressing. 
  25. nyc
    Bronx Woman Sues City After Getting Arrested for Calling 311Forty-four times.
  26. Uptown Mice Are Different From Downtown MiceUrban ecologists are studying the evolution of the city’s wildlife.
  27. city politic
    Andrew Cuomo and the Politics of an Ebola ScareThe difference in political styles has been on full display.
  28. city politic
    Has de Blasio Launched a New Era of Law Enforcement?The new “Mobility Initiative” might jump-start the mayor’s goal of healing community-police relations.
  29. september 11
    9/11 Sick Claims Must Be Filed by Midnight67 different cancers are eligible.
  30. neighborhood news of the future
    Decrepit NYC Pay Phones Now Offering Free Wi-FiNo quarter required.
  31. 2013
    Justin Bieber Day Declared by Scott Stringer in ManhattanThe pop star and the “Hipster Cop” were both on hand.
  32. neighborhood news
    Butts Keep Calling 911The city gets around 10,700 fake calls per day.
  33. sharing is caring
    NYC Bike-Share Program Is Citibank Blue and Pretty PriceyBloomberg and the bike’s bank sponsor announced details today.
  34. neighborhood news
    Bloomberg Releases Edited Version of Not-at-All-Comforting 911 ReportIt’s not pretty.
  35. photo op
    The Most Awesome Pictures of the Space Shuttle Enterprise Riding a Jet to NYCCheck out the visuals from this morning’s low-altitude flyover.
  36. neighborhood news
    NYC Wanted ‘Real People Types’ to Act Homeless in PSAAlso, “ethnically ambiguous.”
  37. real estate
    NYC Rent Control Is Safe for NowThe Supreme Court threw out an appeal against rent-stabilization laws today.
  38. formerly the most important people in the world
    Meow Mix Lady Works in Real Estate NowAnyone can do it!
  39. pillow fights
    Pillow Fight Day 2012 Was a Happy, Feathery MessNew Yorkers hit one another playfully over the weekend.
  40. neighborhood news of the future
    City’s New Internet Machines Will Be Less Disgusting Than Pay PhonesBecause you can’t hose down a pay phone. 
  41. sad things
    More Sexual Abuse Charges at NYC SchoolsIt’s not been a good year so far.
  42. the tax monster comes
    New York Yoga Studios Facing Unexpected Sales TaxesThey had previously thought themselves exempt from sales tax.
  43. shifting momentum
    San Francisco Building Occupied During Occupy Wall Street Day of ActionAlso: marches in New York City, Boston, Oakland.
  44. cover-ups
    City Hall Sitting on Potentially Explosive ‘911 CPR’ ReportPost: so “damning” a top NYPD official’s already been reassigned.
  45. tech
    NYC Tech’s Real Advantage: Ladiezzz!A young engineer is choosing our fine city over Silicon Valley in part for the dating scene.
  46. the war on drugs
    Queens Councilman’s War on Synthetic PotThis scourge has landed over 50 people in New York ERs.
  47. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Shunning Massachusetts, MostlyThe mayor keeps a healthy distance from his home state.
  48. the future
    Pay Phones to Be Replaced by Internet Machines New York City’s street-side communication machines are getting an upgrade.
  49. nature
    Free Trees in NYCCountdown until the secondary market pops up…
  50. neighborhood news
    Tiny Manhattan School Bus Goes Up in FlamesIt was empty, thankfully.
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