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Obama Fundraising

  1. money primary
    Obama Campaign Says It Raised $181 Million in SeptemberUp from yesterday’s low-ball $150 million estimate.
  2. fun-raising
    Obama Fund-raiser Sparks ‘Total Insanity,’ Wine Shortages in West VillageResidents were trapped in their cushy apartments, forced to walk several blocks out of their way.
  3. equal rites
    Obama Enjoys Perks of Gay Marriage Shift at Hollywood LGBT Fund-raisersObama parties with Ellen DeGeneres and Ryan Murphy from ‘Glee’.
  4. equal rites
    Obama’s Gay-Marriage-Support Fund-raising BoomHe reportedly raised $1 million in the first 90 minutes alone.
  5. white men with money
    Obama and Wall Street: Not Actually in a Fight?Finance types might not be publicly supporting Obama the same way they did four years ago, but they haven’t run away to the GOP — yet.