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Obama Inauguration

  1. inauguration 2013
    Miss America May Not Be at Inauguration Tomorrow“It’s going to be freezing.”
  2. barack obama’s second term
    President Obama Officially Sworn In to His Second TermThis time, John Roberts didn’t flub his lines.
  3. inaugur-nation!
    What You Didn’t See On-Camera at the HBO ConcertIt was the little things that made the concert special — like seeing Obama give the “You killed it!” finger point.
  4. inaugur-nation!
    Crowd Control: Movers and Shakers Have Hard Time Moving, ShakingWith millions pouring in to witness Tuesday’s big event — and the celebrations both preceding and following it — maneuvering around D.C. has become a happy challenge.
  5. inaugur-nation!
    Obama Gets His Confidence, Eloquence From His Father’s TribeAnd, they say, a lot of what you think of as Obama’s Chicago toughness and Ivy League eloquence is actually ancestral.
  6. obama transition
    Before Obamas Even Take Power, Malia and Sasha Calling the ShotsThey’re moving the family to Washington already.
  7. early and often
    Gay Saber-Rattling Finally Spooks Rick WarrenEither that or Barack Obama did.