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  1. fog of war
    Obama May Leave U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Through the End of His PresidencyAmerica’s longest war looks like it will extend its run.
  2. syria
    The Meaning of Russia’s Intervention in SyriaAs Putin embarks on what may be a new Soviet-style misadventure, a variety of experts debate the possible endgames, as well as a possible U.S. alliance.
  3. politics
    Obama Finalizes Sweeping Climate-Change Plan The new rules call for even higher cuts to greenhouse gas emissions and are designed to push and reward the adoption of renewable energy sources.
  4. foreign affairs
    What Critics Are Saying About the Iran DealSome of the pushback and praise being offered in response to Obama’s big diplomatic news.
  5. obama
    President Obama Just Sang Amazing Grace“Our pain cuts that much deeper because it happened in a church … the black church is our beating heart.”
  6. White House to Shell: Take to the (Arctic) Sea!The Interior Department gives conditional approval for offshore drilling in the Arctic Ocean, and environmental groups are not happy.
  7. Obama on Accidental Drone Deaths: ‘I Profoundly Regret What Happened’“As president and as commander-in-chief, I take full responsibility for all our counterterrorism operations.”
  8. foreign affairs
    Can Israel and U.S. Repair Relations?It’s not the first time this “special relationship” has been on the rocks.
  9. road trips!
    On May 8, President Obama Will Become the 4th President to Visit All 50 States“I can’t let my South Dakota friends feel neglected.”
  10. obama
    Man Genuinely Hopes Obama Got His Ears Pierced for the Right ReasonsJimmy Kimmel did a special edition of “Lie Witness News” with President Obama as its subject.
  11. How Net Neutrality, Unloved by Very Powerful People, Made ItWhy did the Obama administration go net-neutrality crazy last fall? 
  12. Obama Comes Up With New Excuse to Let People Sign Up for ObamacareThe government sent out incorrect tax data to 800,000 Americans and announces a plan to fight fine haters.
  13. terrorism
    Obama Says It Will Take More Than War to Beat ISISAnd defended his decision not to call militant groups “Islamic.”
  14. political memoirs
    How Reggie Love Wrote the Bro-iest Portrait of Obama YetObama’s former body man on leaving the administration and that time the president barged in on him.
  15. politics
    Obama Won’t Meet With Israeli PM During March VisitBut not because he’s spurning Israel.
  16. Obama’s Right-Wing Feminist CriticsIs the president’s child-care proposal “phallocentric” and “patriarchal”?
  17. the national interest
    Obama Kicked Off a New Political Era With His SOTU SpeechA liberal agenda for a nation finally emerging from recession.
  18. early and awkward
    Saving Seats for the State of the UnionIt’s not allowed. But members of Congress do it anyway.
  19. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: America Is Still in Denial About TortureWhat does it mean to be a “nation of laws” if those laws are not applied to people in power?
  20. war
    Rand Paul Wants to Formally Declare War on ISISSuch a thing hasn’t happened since 1942.
  21. What Obama’s AG Pick Could Do in FergusonIn a talk from 2000, U.S. attorney Loretta Lynch outlined her preferred tool for tackling racial injustice in the police force.
  22. international intrigue
    Obama Is Still Pen Pals With Iran’s Ayatollah KhameneiHe reportedly sent a “secret” letter to the leader about ISIS and nuclear talks.
  23. islamic state watch
    Obama Will Ask Congress for Permission to Fight ISISSomething to get done before the newly electeds take over.
  24. politics
    Obama and the 6-Year ItchIt’s not unusual for Americans to weary of the president in his second term. But rarely does the rejection happen so rapidly. 
  25. America Votes for Change, Gives Up on HopeThe country wanted to throw the bums in power out, and the bums in power were the Democrats.
  26. international intrigue
    Russia’s Latest Pro-Putin Art Exhibit Shows Him Spanking ObamaHe looks great in cartoons, to be honest.
  27. Obama Getting Hell Over Netanyahu ‘Chickenshit’ SlamAnd he didn’t even say it.
  28. kids today
    Memo to the White House: Here’s How You Use Emoji :smile:
  29. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Obama Has Gotten Us Into a QuagmireThe ISIS campaign is a “dumb war.”
  30. consent is sexy
    Jon Hamm, Questlove Join Obama’s Campaign to Combat Campus Sexual Assault“It’s On Us.”
  31. islamic state watch
    Syria’s Leader Seems to Think America Is Now Totally Cool With HimNot so much.
  32. Obama Has a New, 3-Part Plan to Defeat ISIS What does Hillary think of it?
  33. the national circus
    The National Circus: Obama’s Foreign-Policy Critics Are WrongThe president’s deliberateness may be America’s best recourse against the chaotic threats from ISIS and Putin.
  34. the national circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: Iraq Air Strikes, American ApathyThe U.S. public seems scarcely to have noticed our latest foreign policy emergency.
  35. In Defense of American Optimism It remains the most fundamental truth of United States history.
  36. early and awkward
    Obama Jokes That the White House Puts ‘Crack’ in Its PiesMichelle isn’t ready to make drug jokes.
  37. international intrigue
    Obama Announces About 275 U.S. Troops Are Heading to IraqTo help relocate staff from the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.
  38. NYC Wooing Obama’s Presidential Library HardMayor de Blasio promises to fight for it.
  39. politics
    7 Harsh Reactions to Obama’s Foreign-Policy Speech at West Point“Mushy,” “largely uninspiring,” “not exciting,” “weak,” “fell short of its target” — no, not the new Adam Sandler movie.
  40. A Primer on Pope Francis’s Passionate ManifestoEvangelii Gaudium is a fascinating document.
  41. international affairs
    The Misplaced Question of Obama’s ‘Toughness’The qualities that cause some to perceive him as “weak” will help him against Putin.
  42. spy games
    So What Did People Think of Obama’s NSA Speech?Reactions from the chattering classes.
  43. the national interest
    Without the Debt Ceiling or Shutdown, What Will Republicans Use As Leverage Now?Sequestration. And that will work about as well as this month’s bluff did.
  44. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Obama Looks Lost in Egypt for a ReasonIraq.
  45. Weiner Proposes Weinercare for Big Apple, Addresses ‘Dyke’ ControversyNew York City should be a health-care laboratory for the nation, he said.
  46. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Why Obama Might Just End the ‘Perpetual War’The country is not panicked about terrorism, and that gives the president an opportunity.
  47. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Obama Needs to Make Up for His Gitmo FailureThe president could do more despite Congress tying his hands.
  48. not-so-secret admirers
    Hillary Clinton Tops Gallup’s Most Admired List for the Seventeenth TimeObama is the Most Admired man.
  49. Frank Rich on the National Circus: The Fiscal Cliff Is the Y2K of 2012Obama can wait out the GOP.
  50. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Romney Neutralizes His Own Super-PACsMaybe old, rich white men won’t buy this election after all.
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