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  1. trump family
    Ivana Trump Is Dead at 73New York City’s chief medical examiner has determined that her death was an accidental fall.
  2. obits
    Madeleine Albright Has DiedThe first woman to serve as U.S. Secretary of State died on Wednesday at 84.
  3. rip
    Desmond Tutu, Human-Rights Activist, Dies at 90Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, President Obama, and more paid tribute to the South African icon on Sunday, December 26.
  4. appreciation
    Joan Didion’s Greatest Two-Word SentenceThe power of an ice-cold, unflinching gaze.
  5. obituaries
    John Warner Was the Glamorous Republican Heretic of the SenateThe late senator figured he’d only be remembered for his marriage to Elizabeth Taylor, but it should be for his struggle against extremism in the GOP.
  6. obituaries
    Fritz Mondale, Public ServantThe old-school liberal and party loyalist redefined the vice-presidency.
  7. new york city
    David Dinkins, New York’s First and Only Black Mayor, Has Died at 93Dinkins, who served as mayor from 1989 to 1993, was reportedly found at home in Lenox Hill on Monday and appears to have died from natural causes.
  8. obituaries
    RIP Herman Cain, Pizza Magnate and Proto-TrumpCain was a viable 2012 presidential candidate until sexual-misconduct allegations brought him down fast.
  9. we ❤ mg
    Milton Glaser, Co-founder of New York Magazine and Creator of ‘I❤NY,’ Dies at 91A giant of graphic design and illustration for seven decades.
  10. media
    Susan Brownmiller on How The Village Voice Made Her a WriterThe editing was light; the opportunities were endless.
  11. r.i.p.
    Muhammad Ali, Legend In and Out of the Boxing Ring, Is Dead at 74He had been fighting Parkinson’s disease for decades. 
  12. obituaries
    Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Has DiedShe was 94.
  13. obituaries
    Creator of Pink Plastic Flamingos Dies at 79Donald Featherstone died on Monday after leaving his mark on lawns across the world.
  14. obituaries
    Scandal Kills the ‘Hastert Rule’; Congressional Gridlock Expected to SurviveThe term “the majority of the majority” lives on.
  15. scandal-stained wretches
    Can Eliot Spitzer Change the First Line of His Obituary?He says yes; we asked the obit writers.
  16. ed koch
    AIDS Controversy Added to Ed Koch’s New York Times ObituaryAn initial omission faced criticism on Twitter.
  17. celebrity deaths
    ‘Stormin’ Norman’ Schwarzkopf Dies at 78It’s been twenty years since he was a household name, but he was a big one.
  18. obituaries
    Gore Vidal Dead at 86Owing to complications from pneumonia.
  19. obituaries
    Christopher Hitchens Is Dead at 62 [Updated]He didn’t believe in resting in peace.
  20. sad things
    Meet the Press Host Bill Monroe DiesMonroe was the show’s fourth moderator.
  21. j. paul getty iii
    Oil Heir J. Paul Getty III DiesThe heir to the Getty oil fortune was 54.
  22. early and eternal
    Dead People Campaigning Against Democrats in Growing NumbersThe core demographic has turned against Democrats this year.
  23. obituaries
    Chuck Todd’s Goatee, 2002–2009The life and times of a legend.