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  1. Polarizing Occupy Movement Makes It Easy for People to Get Out of Jury DutyFor the trial of a protester charged with assaulting a police officer.
  2. school daze
    Cooper Union Kids Occupy Clock Tower for Free Tuition They could be up there for a while.
  3. don’t call it a comeback
    Protesters Meet Well-Prepared Police on Occupy Wall Street Anniversary [Updated]The NYPD arrested more than 70 activists before 10 a.m.
  4. occupy everywhere
    Pepper-Sprayed Students Will Receive Settlement From UC Davis“We did an injustice to our students that day.”
  5. democratic national convention
    Protesters Stage Pre-DNC March Through Charlotte A diverse coalition of demonstrators made stops at Bank of America’s headquarters and Bank of America Stadium.
  6. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Protesting Carlos Slim at Saks Fifth AvenueHe’s the “1 percent of the 1 percent.”
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Protects Zuccotti Park From Knitting Old WomanShe was singled out and removed from the protest while shaking.
  8. occupy everywhere
    Protesters Blocking Bridge Fall for ‘Ambulance Is Coming’ TrickThen they got arrested anyway.
  9. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Candidate for Congress Finished With 752 VotesTwenty-year veteran Nydia Velazquez won handily, but George Martinez remains optimistic.
  10. crimes and misdemeanors
    Occupy Wall Street Loses Overblown Trinity Church TrialAll eight defendants were found guilty.
  11. occupy wall street
    Protesters Now Occupying Brooklyn ApartmentSad face.
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Judge Okays Occupy Wall Street Lawsuit Over Brooklyn Bridge ArrestsBut he said Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly aren’t to blame.
  13. occupy wall street
    Meet George Martinez, Occupy’s Rapping Brooklynite Congressional Candidate“Hip-hop diplomat” George Martinez is running for real.
  14. occupy everywhere
    Even Adbusters Realizes Occupy Wall Street Isn’t Working The magazine that started the movement is calling for a shift in strategy.
  15. occupy wall street
    ‘Hipster Cop’ Actually Just a Cranky Music-Hater“Turn it down!”
  16. occupy wall street
    The Many Faces of Occupy Wall Street’s May DaySee pictures from yesterday’s citywide protests.
  17. occupy everywhere
    What Comes After May Day for Occupy Wall Street?May 1 brought big crowds and good vibes, but no obvious path forward.
  18. may day
    Protesters Deploy, Police Brace for May Day Protests [Updated]Protesters will march from Bryant Park to Union Square then down to Wall Street.
  19. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Betting It All on May Day With Big TargetsThe protest movement has a lot riding on next week’s demonstrations, and their plans are pretty ambitious.
  20. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Evicted From Another BaseA group of demonstrators have been removed from a lower Manhattan loft where they lived for months.
  21. trials
    Occupy Wall Street Protester Can’t Block Twitter SubpoenaA judge ruled today that tweets are fair game in court.
  22. occupy everywhere
    OWS Protesters Get ‘First Amendment Rights Area’Federal Hall has temporary new boundaries.
  23. pepper spray
    UC Davis Police Chief Resigns Over Pepper Spray IncidentA UC Davis task force report last week called the use of the spray unreasonable and unauthorized.
  24. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested for Pissing Off Local ResidentsA week of sidewalk sleepovers turned into an occupation of Federal Hall’s steps.
  25. occupy everywhere
    NYPD Decides Occupy Wall Street’s Sidewalk Sleepovers Are IllegalPolice arrested four overnight protesters this morning.
  26. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Sidewalk Sleepovers Are Catching OnThis could be the momentum boost the movement needs.
  27. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Figured Out How to Have SleepoversProtesters slept outside legally around Union Square last night.
  28. occupy everywhere
    A Zuccotti Park Reunion at Occupy.com’s Launch PartyProtesters occupied an East Village bar last night to celebrate a new media platform.
  29. occupy everywhere
    OWS Protesters March Against Police Brutality Arrests follow. 
  30. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Evicted From Union SquareOnce again, police cleared out a few hundred protesters from a public park last night.
  31. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Has Big Plans, But Lacks BackupIt’s showtime again for the protest movement, but the spring isn’t going to be easy.
  32. politics
    Occupy Wall Street’s Candidate for Congress Blocked From BallotNathan Kleinman of Pennsylvania will be forced to run as a write-in.
  33. occupy wall street
    NYPD Now Arresting Occupy Protesters Just for FunIt was just like old times at Zuccotti Park last night.
  34. occupy everywhere
    Ben & Jerry’s, Nirvana Manager Donate to Occupy Wall StreetSome bold-face names are attempting to reinvigorate the movement with money.
  35. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Protester Caught Bringing Gun to CourtThe time a person went to court and left with more charges as a souvenir.
  36. occupy everywhere
    Alabama Man Registers Occupy Wall Street Super PACWhy not?
  37. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Shows Signs of Life Over a Rowdy WeekendClashes between police and protesters spread from Oakland to Washington, D.C. and New York City.
  38. lawsuits
    Occupy Wall Street Gives Up on Sleeping in Zuccotti ParkThe protesters have dropped a lawsuit against the park’s camping rules.
  39. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Has a Candidate for CongressA protester from Philadelphia plans to challenge a Democratic incumbent.
  40. occupy everywhere
    Occupy the Courts Is Waiting on the Court’s PermissionProtesters want to demonstrate tomorrow, but they’re fighting for a permit.
  41. occupy wall street
    Occupy Wall Street’s Video Stars Are Feuding [Updated]The movement’s most famous cameraman is going solo and airing his grievances online.
  42. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Protests NDAA at Grand CentralSeveral were detained in the demonstration against detention.
  43. occupy wall street
    NYPD Still Not Treating Journalists RightReporters have had it up to here with police not following the rules.
  44. occupy everywhere
    14-Year-Old Girl Among Dozen ‘Occupy the Caucus’ Protesters in IowaAnd she made her father proud.
  45. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Lawsuits Are Still Springing UpEven after camps were cleared, protesters are fighting for their First Amendment rights nationwide.
  46. occupy everywhere
    Writers Did Not Appreciate OWS’s L&O TakeoverThe show wrote a letter to both protesters and police.
  47. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Goes to Court in DrovesHundreds of demonstrators faced summonses in Manhattan court today.
  48. occupy everywhere
    Time’s Person of the Year Is ‘The Protester’The magazine’s annual award goes to no one in particular.
  49. occupy wall street
    NYPD Still Blocking Journalists at OWSA video from today’s protest illustrates the media’s ongoing complaints against police at Occupy Wall Street.
  50. occupy everywhere
    Occupy Wall Street Is ‘Squidding’ Goldman Sachs [Updated]Whatever that means! Protesters are marching on the bank.
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