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  1. virtual reality
    The Oculus Quest Is the Nintendo Switch of VRThe Quest does pretty much everything a higher-end model does, without the hassle of wires and setup.
  2. palmer luckey
    It Turns Out Palmer Luckey Was FiredThe VR prodigy was mothballed after supporting a right-wing PAC.
  3. facebook
    Oculus’s Brendan Iribe Is the Latest Founder to Flee FacebookThere must be something in the water at Menlo Park — founders of companies that get acquired by Facebook don’t seem to like sticking around.
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    Facebook’s Stand-alone VR Headset Means No More Cables or PhonesMark Zuckerberg announced the new device at Oculus Connect 4 earlier Wednesday.
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    Facebook Spaces: Social Virtual Reality That Weirdly WorksA rough but compelling glimpse of what social interaction might look like in virtual reality.
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    Oculus Reportedly Working on $200 Wireless VR HeadsetIt’ll hit stores next year.
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    Palmer Luckey Pledges Money to Project Bypassing Oculus ExclusivityThe Revive project just got a big boost.
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    Documents Suggest Palmer Luckey Donated $100,000 to Donald Trump’s InaugurationAll big companies do it.
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    Trump-Meme VR Wunderkind Palmer Luckey Leaves FacebookThe Oculus Rift co-founder is leaving the company as of today.
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    Oculus CTO John Carmack Sues Former Employer ZeniMaxCarmack claims his former employer owes him millions.
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    Nobody Wants to Even Try Out the Oculus RiftBest Buy’s in-store Oculus Rift demo stations are being shut down at hundreds of stores, after days would pass without anyone using them.
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    Why It Doesn’t Matter That Facebook Lost a $500 Million LawsuitPalmer Luckey violated his nondisclosure agreement.
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    4 Things We Learned From Mark Zuckerberg’s Court TestimonyVirtual-reality firm Oculus is being sued over alleged stolen technology.
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    Oculus Engineer Arrested in Underage Sex StingDov Katz has been described as “integral” to the creation of the Oculus headset.
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    Here’s Everything You Missed at Facebook’s Big VR EventPalmer Luckey was not there, which was probably a good thing for Oculus.
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    Facebook VR Millionaire Is ‘Sorry’ About Funding Pro-Trump MemesThe Oculus founder apologized on Facebook for “negatively impacting the perception of Oculus.”
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    Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook Millionaire Funding Trump TrollsMeet tech’s kid wizard.
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    A Facebook VR Millionaire Is Funding an Anti-Hillary Group Based on MemesAnother Trump supporter ranks high up on Facebook’s corporate ladder.
  19. Here’s a Look at the World Trade Center Mall That’s Reopening TodayAlready crowded.
  20. Roller Coasters Just Got Even More Fun, Thanks to VRBattle aliens while also riding a roller coaster, because it’s 2016.
  21. new york city
    See New York’s WTC Transit Hub Go Up in a MinuteThat’s a lot of cash.
  22. ogling oculus
    What People Really Think of Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus Transporation HubThe view from the PATH floor.