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Odd Things

  1. odd things
    Thousands of Parachuting Mice Not Nearly As Adorable As It SoundsBecause they were dead.
  2. odd things
    Apparent Meteor Blows Up Over Russia [Updated]Weird story, good video.
  3. the end of greenwich
    Christmas Won’t Come to Greenwich This YearThings get darker in the suburb to the north.
  4. the end of greenwich
    Thousands of Creepy, Disgusting Bugs on the Loose in GreenwichRelative poverty has driven officials in the bedroom community to the north to do crazy things.
  5. the cycle of life
    WSJ: Nothing Gold Can Stay’The Wall Street Journal’ gets oddly reflective in a real-estate story.
  6. camels
    Camels’ Udders Are Often TicklishThis is a thing we learned today.
  7. odd things
    The City Is Spending $1 Million on TypewritersThey still use them in police stations. TONS of them.