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Office Of Management And Budget

  1. 4 Reasons to Ignore Trump’s BudgetTrump just signed a congressional budget deal on Friday. His own budget was out-of-date even as it was being printed.
  2. How Many Millions Losing Health Coverage Will GOP ‘Moderates’ Find Acceptable?Soon Republican centrists will have to decide if big insurance losses due to Medicaid cuts are okay after all.
  3. How the GOP Might Fudge the Numbers to Make Trumpcare Seem Less IrresponsibleOn the brink of what many fear will be a terrible-looking “score” of its health-care bill, congressional Republicans may just get a new scorekeeper.
  4. Senate Confirms Fiscal Hawk Mick Mulvaney As Trump’s Budget DirectorThe now-former congressman has yet to meet a budget cut he doesn’t like.
  5. Trump’s Budget Director Choice Is Ominous Sign of Conservative Extremism to ComePicking tea-partier Mike Mulvaney for the key post indicates Trump will go after domestic spending with a fury.
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    Trump Nominates a Fiscal Megahawk to Direct Federal BudgetMick Mulvaney is a tea-party hard-liner who will undoubtedly work to cut or privatize as much of the government as he possibly can.
  7. comings and goings
    Jacob Lew to Make All Our Budget Problems Go AwayHe’s the new head of the Office of Management and Budget.