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Offshore Drilling

  1. vision 2020
    Trump May Freak Out Florida With Green Light for Offshore DrillingFlorida Republican elected officials fear Trump’s relationship with fossil-fuel industries could lead him to a politically disastrous decision.
  2. Trump Dumps Obama Effort to Prevent Oil SpillsBoth the business and “populist” wings of the GOP support Trump’s heavy tilt toward oil and gas at the expense of the environment.
  3. Scott Versus Nelson in a Spendy Sunshine State Slugfest for a Senate SeatScott’s money and Trump’s popularity (or lack thereof) make this a race that’s hard to predict.
  4. Zinke Says Florida Got Offshore-Drilling Exemption Because Governor Asked NicelyNow the Interior secretary is being bombarded by not-so-polite requests from state lawmakers of both parties.
  5. Trump Just Let Florida Block Offshore Drilling. That’s a Scandal.At best, the decision to spare Florida (and only Florida) from offshore drilling is a political stunt. At worst, it’s a gift to Mar-a-Lago.
  6. Trump’s War on the Coastal States Includes More Offshore Drilling, Less SafetyHe’s doing this despite bipartisan opposition from governors.
  7. Obama Will Reportedly Ban Offshore Drilling in Federal WatersThe president will take advantage of a rarely used provision in a 1953 law to make parts of the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans off limits.
  8. White House to Shell: Take to the (Arctic) Sea!The Interior Department gives conditional approval for offshore drilling in the Arctic Ocean, and environmental groups are not happy.
  9. cleaning up
    Obama Administration Changes Its Mind About Offshore DrillingNow that we think about it, maybe that wasn’t the best idea.
  10. cleaning up
    Moratorium on Offshore Drilling Will Now End Before the MidtermsMy, that was quick.
  11. cleaning up
    BP Report Blames a Series of Failures and a Number of Companies for the Spill“No single factor caused the Macondo well tragedy.”
  12. bp
    BP: We Can’t Pay for Spill Damage If We Can’t Drill OffshoreDrilling restriction would “have a substantial impact on our cash flow.”
  13. cleaning up
    Employees From the Company Whose Oil Rig Just Exploded Spent Yesterday Protesting Restrictions on Offshore DrillingJust yesterday, Mariner Energy employees objected to restrictions on offshore drilling.
  14. cleaning up
    BP Exec Warns Congress About Risks of Restricting Offshore Drilling“It would harm the ongoing effort to increase America’s energy independence.”
  15. cleaning up
    Early Reports: New Containment Cap Appears to Have Stopped SpillBP has yet to confirm the PBS report.
  16. offshore drilling
    Obama’s Drilling Moratorium Not Revived by CourtAppeals court rejects his request.
  17. offshore drilling
    Drilling Moratorium Is Back AlreadyJudge who issued ruling may have owned stock in drilling companies.
  18. drill baby drill
    Offshore Drilling Regulators Watched Porn, Smoked MethYour move, SEC.
  19. drill baby drill
    Al Gore Is Not a Fan of Obama’s Offshore-Drilling PlanNaturally, he made this announcement on the Internet.
  20. early and often
    Obama Triangulates on OilWas offshore drilling the only way to get to energy reform?
  21. what other people think
    Will Obama’s Drilling Concession Win Over Republicans?Liberal pundits wonder what Obama is getting out of this, as Republicans are already not impressed.