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Oh Congress!

  1. House Won’t Let Senate Health-Care Battle Ruin Their Summer VacationThough the Freedom Caucus is demanding that House members stay in D.C. too.
  2. oh congress
    Why Gianforte’s Assault Charge Won’t Prevent Him From Serving in CongressIt’s fairly common for members of Congress to face charges, and even a jail sentence wouldn’t disqualify him.
  3. Watch House GOP Members Admit They Haven’t Read the Health-Care Bill They Passed▶️ “Oh gosh … I don’t think any individual has read the whole bill.”
  4. Retired Generals to Congress: Please Don’t Cut International SpendingIncreasing the Pentagon’s budget at the expense of everything else isn’t going to make America safer.
  5. oh congress
    GOP Leaders Bet Wavering Republicans Lack the Guts to Stop Obamacare RepealThey plan to advance a bill to kill the Affordable Care Act even though they don’t have the votes.
  6. oh congress!
    At Town Halls, More Crowds Face Off Against Republican LawmakersRaucous constituents challenge senators and representatives on ACA and Trump.
  7. Never Mind on Gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics, Says House GOPRepublicans change course.
  8. trump’s america
    Donald Trump Calls Out GOP for Its Move to Weaken Ethics WatchdogHe doesn’t actually seem to disagree with the move. He just thinks the timing was bad.
  9. oh congress!
    House Republicans Kick Off 2017 by Gutting Independent Ethics OfficeThey voted behind closed doors to let members of Congress control the board that investigates them for misconduct.
  10. oh congress!
    Congress Averts Government Shutdown With Two Days to SpareProgress!
  11. oh congress!
    Congress Passes Health-Care Repeal, Forces Obama to Admit He’s Pro-ObamacareThe 61 previous votes weren’t for naught.
  12. oh congress!
    GOP Drops Shutdown Push, But Vows to Continue Syrian Refugee FightPaul Ryan and Mitch McConnell promise to have a “full debate” after the holiday break.
  13. oh congress!
    By the Way, We Won’t Be Having a Government Shutdown This YearNews of the agreement broke during the GOP debate.
  14. oh congress!
    Conservative Representatives Want to Torture Boehner in Retirement, TooThey’re suddenly in favor of cracking down on the post-speakership office perk.
  15. oh congress!
    GOP Battles Syrian Refugee Threat With Vague, Redundant New RestrictionsMeanwhile, a bipartisan Senate bill would address the far more concerning visa-waiver program.
  16. oh congress!
    GOP May Shut Down Goverment Over Syrian RefugeesSeveral members of Congress want to use the spending bill to block Obama’s plan to admit more refugees.
  17. oh congress!
    Paul Ryan Is Running for Speaker — Can He Actually Get Anything Done?He’s agreed to enter the race, though he’s facing the same problems Boehner did.
  18. oh congress!
    Freedom Caucus Agrees to Make Paul Ryan Speaker, on Their TermsThey’ll give him the votes he needs, but not the endorsement he demanded.
  19. oh congress!
    Debt-Ceiling Derby Coming Back to D.C. Next MonthThe debt limit needs to be raised by November 5.
  20. oh congress!
    Congress Avoids Government Shutdown, For NowThe bill will only keep the government funded through December.
  21. oh congress!
    Fellow Senators Have Had It With Ted Cruz and His Government ShutdownThey advanced a bipartisan measure that will keep the government funded.
  22. oh congress!
    The Benghazi Select Committee Is the Committee That Never Ends [Updated]It’s one of the longest congressional special investigations in history. 
  23. oh congress!
    GOP Leaders Hatch Plan to Avert ShutdownThey want to send a defunding measure to President Obama, which he’ll promptly veto.
  24. oh congress!
    John Boehner Hates His Job: Trash-Talk EditionHow does he tolerate his terrible schedule? “Garbage men get used to the smell of bad garbage.”
  25. oh congress!
    Congress Hurtles Toward Another Government ShutdownJohn Boehner doesn’t want a showdown over Planned Parenthood funding, but he’s yet to find a way out.
  26. oh congress!
    GOP Congressman Launches Surprise Bid to Oust Speaker BoehnerThe obscure maneuver has almost no chance of being successful.
  27. oh congress!
    Months After Fatal Crash, Senate Considers Extending Train-Safety DeadlineThough railroads had seven years to install the system.
  28. oh congress!
    Senator Refutes Climate Change by Throwing Snowball in Capitol“It’s a snowball, from outside here. So it’s very, very cold out.”
  29. oh congress!
    Boehner Says He’ll ‘Certainly’ Allow a Homeland Security ShutdownCongress only has four days to reach a compromise.
  30. oh congress!
    Congressman Caught Winking at C-SPAN CameraHe claims he was trying to entertain his mom.
  31. oh congress!
    Representative Aaron Schock’s Lavish Spending Doesn’t End With His Office The Downton Abbey theme might have been a mistake.
  32. oh congress!
    Aaron Schock Aide Resigns After Racist Facebook Posts [Updated]The congressman just can’t catch a break.
  33. oh congress!
    Schock Defends Downton-Inspired OfficeHaters are also gonna make him pay the interior decorator.
  34. oh congress!
    Scandal Rocks Congressman’s Downton Abbey–Inspired OfficeYou’d think his staff was covering up the Mr. Pamuk incident.
  35. oh congress!
    GOP Congressman Wishes Obama Were More Like HitlerThe president just can’t win.
  36. oh congress!
    A History of Conservative Revolts Against John BoehnerTuesday’s narrow reelection is just the latest humiliation he’s suffered as speaker.
  37. oh congress!
    Boehner Faces Embarrassing Challenge to His Speakership But don’t bet on Speaker Louis Gohmert.
  38. oh congress!
    Congressman Sorry for Speaking to White-Supremacist GroupTwelve years ago.
  39. oh congress!
    Congressman Grimm Is Resigning, Eric Garner Prosecutor May Want His SeatHe’s “very seriously considering” a run to fill his Staten Island seat.
  40. oh congress!
    It Looks Like Michael Grimm Will Finally ResignThe Staten Island congressman pleaded guilty to tax charges last week.
  41. oh congress!
    Congressman Michael Grimm Pleads Guilty to Felony, Still Won’t Resign“Although it was a little restaurant, I made some big mistakes,” Grimm said. 
  42. oh congress!
    Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm to Plead Guilty to Tax EvasionHe was just reelected to the House in November.
  43. oh congress!
    Congressman Who Owns ‘Blow-me.org’ Sued for Sexual HarassmentBy his former communications director.
  44. oh congress!
    House Passes Spending Bill Hours Before ShutdownWith just one vote more than they needed.
  45. oh congress!
    A Salute to Outgoing Members of the 113th CongressFrom the longest-serving member of Congress ever, to one-woman controversy generator Michele Bachmann.
  46. oh congress!
    Congress Reaches Deal, Avoids Government Shutdown at Last MinuteThey may actually need to give themselves a short extension.
  47. oh congress!
    Reminder: America’s Infrastructure Is CrumblingAnd Congress isn’t doing anything about it.
  48. oh congress!
    House Republicans Finally Sue Obama Over Obamacare After threatening to do so for months. 
  49. GOP Plan to Block Immigration Action Could End in Government ShutdownIf they don’t pass a spending bill by December.
  50. Congress Proudly Condemns Bergdahl Swap Instead of Voting on Real LegislationThey’re shouting it from the rooftops. 
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