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Oh Deer

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    Security Footage Proves That This Guy Got Absolutely Wrecked by a DeerWhen you get completely wiped out by a deer on April Fools’ Day, sometimes you need receipts.
  2. pumpkin vice
    Deer Gets in Halloween Spirit by Making a Jack-o’-lantern on Its FaceThe deer was saved. The pumpkin was not.
  3. oh deer
    Here’s a Deer Violently Breaking Headfirst Into a Hudson Valley Coffee ShopHe should probably go with decaf. 
  4. oh deer
    Joe Lhota Throws Cold Water on Staten Island Deer Hunt IdeaHe doesn’t want to bow-hunt in the borough.
  5. fatherhood
    Paul Ryan’s Daughter Lived Up to Dad’s ExpectationsShe killed her first deer all alone.
  6. oh deer
    Paul Ryan With Dead AnimalsHe shoots to kill.
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    Deer Swims 2,000 Yards Across Hudson RiverTake that Ilya the Manatee!