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Oh Florida

  1. oh florida
    Florida Mayor Pays $4,000 Fine in Loose ChangeBuckets and buckets of pennies
  2. deerly departed
    Dead Deer Run Up a Florida High School’s FlagpoleThe high school’s mascot is the Eagle.
  3. courts
    Gyrocopter Pilot Could Face 9 Years in Prison“I think it was worth it.”
  4. oh florida
    George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Wants Trial ChangesWe know what happens when juries assume.
  5. technology
    Cell Phones Are Basically Bulletproof, ApparentlyNews from Florida.
  6. terrible ideas
    White Florida Man Dresses As Dead Trayvon Martin for Halloween“Anything for the laugh.”
  7. field trips
    George Zimmerman Went Gun-Shopping, Posed for PhotosHe toured a gun manufacturer in Florida.
  8. oh florida
    Giant Florida Sinkhole Swallows Resort, Somehow Injures No OneBut the aerial footage is insane.
  9. oh florida
    Don’t Blame Florida for the Zimmerman DecisionFlorida’s laws are not unique.
  10. oh florida
    Florida’s Huge Lottery Winner Still Hasn’t Come ForwardSomeone doesn’t want their $590 million.
  11. the winner is
    Powerball Winner Is From Florida Because Of Course They AreThat makes six for the Sunshine State.
  12. oh florida
    Florida Police Sergeant Brought Trayvon Martin Target to Gun RangeHe said it was meant as a “no-shoot training aid.”
  13. politics
    John Boehner Turns to Alcohol, Football in FloridaThe House speaker went on a much-needed vacation.
  14. news of the weird
    At Year End, Florida Keeps a Strong Grasp on its Weird News ReignThis time with dinosaurs.
  15. oh florida
    Florida Still Figuring Out That Whole ‘Voting’ ThingThis time, though, it doesn’t matter to the presidential race.