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Oh New Jersey

  1. oh new jersey
    Growing Sinkhole Threatening to Eat North JerseyRun for your lives!
  2. oh new jersey
    Hoboken Kicks Off St. Patrick’s Day With a Man Lighting Himself on Fire The holiday isn’t even until next week.
  3. oh new jersey
    Chris Christie Caused Another Traffic ProblemJust a little one.
  4. oh new jersey
    Chris Christie Loses It Over Bruce SpringsteenThe governor insists he and the Boss are cool, and on a first-name basis.
  5. this is ivy league
    Princeton Professor-Gone-Wild Charged With Stealing 21 Lawn SignsPossibly stemming from a traffic dispute with a local business owner.
  6. bridgegate
    Bridgegate II: Chris Christie Has Another Big Bridge ProblemOne investigation leads to another.
  7. oh new jersey
    Video: Jersey Pals Encourage Shark to ApproachHas not everyone seen Jaws?
  8. oh new jersey
    Drunk Jersey Shore Swimmer Attacks Lifeguards Who Rescued HimIn Seaside Heights, of course.
  9. oh new jersey
    Intern Suggests Maybe New Jersey Should Ban BestialityBecause it’s not outlawed there already.
  10. mysteries
    Someone Left Burning Lamborghini at Foot of GWB Wonder why. 
  11. school daze
    New Jersey Substitute Teacher Fired for Enforcing ‘Quiet Game’ Rules With Tape“We were jabbering too much,” admitted one student.
  12. oh new jersey
    Clever Prankster Directs Commuters to Assville, New JerseySomeone managed to tamper with a digital traffic sign.
  13. oh new jersey
    New Jersey Frat Bros Tag Dead Whale With Greek LettersYeah, man.
  14. kids today
    Senior Prank Goes Very, Very Wrong for New Jersey High SchoolersThe “but it’s a rite of passage excuse” didn’t go over well with cops.
  15. oh new jersey
    Bridgegate Has Cost the Christie Campaign $314,000 So FarOr more than it has in the bank.
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    New Jersey Woman’s Thursday Night Was Probably Worse Than YoursHer date stole her flat-screen TV and her dog.
  17. jesus christie
    Watch Chris Christie Get Very Touchy While Joy Behar Roasts HimThe New Jersey governor is trying to have a sense of humor, but it’s tough.
  18. oh new jersey
    New York Smells Like New Jersey This MorningThe smoke scent is wafting over from a forest fire 90 miles away.
  19. oh new jersey
    Newark Campaign Worker Accused of Setting FireThe race between Ras Baraka and Shavar Jeffries has gotten a little crazy.
  20. Would-Be New Jersey Senate Candidate Won’t Run for Very New Jersey ReasonTraffic.
  21. jesus christie
    Chris Christie, Bouncing Back, Refuses to Play ‘Dodgeball’ With ReportersThe governor is back to his combative press conferences.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    New Jersey Bank Robber Nearly Evades Police With Slapdash Makeover Facial hair really can transform a man’s look.
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    Cocaine-Addled Naked Man Rides Tricycle Through New Jersey Apartment ComplexIt happens.
  24. New Jersey Official Stole $460,000 in ChangeThat’s one way to do it.
  25. failed lawsuits
    New Jersey Teen Drops Lawsuit Against Parents, Having Only Wasted $13,000Let the “healing” process begin.
  26. crimes and misdemeanors
    Craigslist Naked-Photo Extortion Plot BustedA man was extorted via Craigslist.
  27. oh new jersey
    Watch Two Realtors Figure Out Their Affair Was Being Filmed in a For-Sale HouseThe most humiliating lawsuit of the day.
  28. oh new jersey
    Christie Staff Basically Sexted About Their Traffic Jam Fantasies [Updated]New texts reveal an obsession with revenge via transportation delays.
  29. oh new jersey
    It’s Never Too Cold for a Naked Man to Attack a Bus Driver in New JerseyOr for a crowd to watch.
  30. oh new jersey
    Chris Christie Scandal Leaves Disrespected Barbara Buono Free to Dis EveryoneThe defeated Democrat airs out Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and more.
  31. bridge jam
    Chris Christie Betrayed by Staff AgainThey reportedly sent out an angry memo without showing him first.
  32. bridge jam
    David Wildstein: Christie Knew of Lane ClosingsA recent history of “friendship” and betrayal.
  33. oh new jersey
    Super Bowl Welcoming Committee Spotlights New Jersey Turnpike Rest StopTourists: Do not miss the Vince Lombardi Service Area.
  34. oh new jersey
    Christie Lieutenant Vehemently Denies Latest Corruption Claim“Any suggestion that Sandy funds were tied to the approval of any project in New Jersey is completely false.”
  35. bridgegate
    Chris Christie’s Whole Office Has Been Subpoenaed [Update]There also may be a problem with his lawyer.
  36. jesus christie
    Fox News: Chris Christie Is Too ‘Masculine’The right defends the New Jersey governor.
  37. jesus christie
    Christie Bridge Mess Detailed in New DocumentsMore than 900 pages of new documents have been released.
  38. jesus christie
    Chris Christie’s Passive Apology, AnnotatedHow would the governor’s remarks have sounded with active voice?
  39. oh new jersey
    Chris Christie Is the Butt of Bridge Jokes As Scandal Gets SeriousThe New Jersey governor will meet the press at 11 a.m.
  40. jesus christie
    Chris Christie’s Goons Really Did Cause a Traffic Jam As Revenge“I feel badly about the kids. I guess.”
  41. early and awkward
    Cuomo Doesn’t Want Any Problems With Christie“I’m sure it is as Gov. Christie says it is.”
  42. oh new jersey
    Christie Tries to Get Away From Bridge ScandalAnother one of his Port Authority appointees resigned on Friday.
  43. oh new jersey
    Chris Christie Caught in Crony’s Traffic JamDid the governor’s team seek petty retribution against an enemy? Looks like it.
  44. oh new jersey
    Giant 25-Year-Old Criminal Definitely Not a High-School FreshmanHe tried to pass as one in New Jersey.
  45. oh new jersey
    New Jersey Man Builds Giant Gun Mailbox for Freedom, Attention“It’s just to drum up business, because I’m broke.”
  46. jesus christie
    Rand Paul Makes N.J. Senate Race Even More Awkward for Chris ChristieRand is campaigning for his frenemy Steve Lonegan.
  47. oh new jersey
    Life Imitates Harold & KumarCar crashes into New Jersey White Castle.
  48. oh new jersey
    If You’re Going to Drink at TGI Fridays in Jersey, Never Order NeatThe better to catch a switcheroo.
  49. crimes and misdemeanors
    New Jersey Woman Signed Her Name on Threatening Letters to Supreme Court“All of you Supreme Courts Judges will pay with death,” she wrote.
  50. oh new jersey
    New Jersey Woman Narrates Extreme Weather in Most Annoying Way PossibleOMG.
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