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Oh Rats

  1. subway fauna
    Subway Rat Gives Up Pizza for Cannibalism in New VideoIt’s a rat-eat-rat world.
  2. oh rats
    Meet Selfie Rat, Pizza Rat’s Annoying, Probably Fake Cousin The newest subway rodent is far less inspiring.
  3. oh rats
    Pizza Rat Is No Hero He’s a quitter.
  4. oh rats
    New York City Humans to Recommence War on RatsA battle as old as time. 
  5. oh rats
    Bushwick Leads the 311 Rat RaceThere’s no winner.
  6. animal news
    Is Science Just an Excuse for Rats to Have a Good Time? Up in Albany, human tax dollars are being spent on drug-fueled jazz parties for our No. 1 enemy.