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Oil Prices

  1. economy
    Gas Prices Are Plummeting Across the CountryThe national average price had its largest 24-hour decline, dropping by 4.5 cents.
  2. the money game
    The Case for Economic Optimism Is OverThis inflation problem is bad. Real, real bad.
  3. the money game
    The World Is Conspiring to Make Driving Suck MoreGas-tax holidays and a hike in global oil production aren’t going to do a damn thing for your gas bills this summer.
  4. the economy
    Thanks, Putin: Gas Prices Hit Another RecordRussia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to make a bad problem worse.
  5. the top line
    How Would War With Iran Affect the U.S. Economy?Oil-supply shocks are still harmful. But they’re not as harmful as they used to be, and that has major foreign-policy implications.
  6. trump tweets
    Trump: U.S. Protects the Middle East — Also, Kills Millions of Its PeopleTwo days after saying the U.S. killed millions of Iraqis, Trump warns “the Middle East” that it “would not be safe” without America’s protection.