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  1. Up to 105,000 Gallons of Oil Spill Off Coast of California The crude oil has spread across four miles of coast.
  2. cleaning up
    BP Could Face Manslaughter Charges for Deepwater Horizon DeathsBut don’t worry, the executives are still safe.
  3. cleaning up
    A Short List of What Federal Oil-Rig Inspectors Aren’t CheckingA short, semi-terrifying list.
  4. cleaning up
    Report Criticizes Adminstration for Response to Oil SpillGovernment retort: response was “in full force and immediate.”
  5. cleaning up
    BP Completes Relief Well, Now on to ‘Bottom Kill’BP sensors detect that the relief well has connected with the original Macando well 18,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf.
  6. cleaning up
    Multiple Choice Photo: (A) Gravel Road or (B) Enormous Fish Kill in the Gulf?Guess which?
  7. cleaning up
    You Know What They Say About People Who Like to Start FiresAnother week, another fire.
  8. cleaning up
    Louisiana’s Shrimp & Petroleum Festival Doesn’t See What All the Fuss Is AboutCelebrating Louisiana’s harvest since 1967.
  9. bp
    BP: We Can’t Pay for Spill Damage If We Can’t Drill OffshoreDrilling restriction would “have a substantial impact on our cash flow.”
  10. cleaning up
    BP Executives Should Be Thankful Brad Pitt Isn’t PresidentThe actor takes a stand in new Spike Lee documentary.
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    A 22-Mile Plume of Oil Has Gone Missing in the GulfScientists lost track of the oil “mist” after Hurricane Alex.
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    Oil Possibly Found Farther East and Deeper Down Than SuspectedAt levels toxic to underwater organisms.
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    BP’s Cement Plug Has HardenedCrew now beginning the final phase of drilling.
  14. cleaning up
    Static Kill Completed in Deepwater Horizon WellThe oil leak is now double-stopped.
  15. cleaning up
    New Report Claims Oil Spill Is Essentially Under ControlThree quarters of the oil has been eliminated.
  16. cleaning up
    BP Gets Hit With a New Lawsuit and (Surprise!) It Has Nothing to Do With the Spill$10 billion in damages for a benzene leak in Texas. Add it to their tab.
  17. cleaning up
    Oil Spill Estimate Increases Yet AgainAnd “static kill” is postponed.
  18. static kill
    ‘Static Kill’ to Hopefully Plug Oil Well for Good This WeekWith cement!
  19. cleaning up
    Oil Spill Not Actually That Big a DealThe environment is doing fine!
  20. cleaning up
    Tony Hayward to Get Annual Pension of Close to $1 MillionBP CEO will be sitting on piles of money in Russia.
  21. cleaning up
    BP May Literally Banish Tony Hayward to SiberiaWell, Moscow, at least.
  22. cleaning up
    Tony Hayward Reportedly Stepping DownFor real, this time!
  23. sad things
    Deepwater Horizon’s Alarm System Was Broken When the Oil Rig Exploded“They did not want people woken up at 3 o’clock in the morning due to false alarms.”
  24. oil spill
    Oil Cleanup Paused While Bonnie Passes ThroughIt’s like Mother Nature is a cutter.
  25. vacations
    The Obamas Plan A Trip To The GulfThis vacation should prove less controversial.
  26. in hot water
    Deepwater Horizon Workers Knew Something Was UpEven before the rig exploded.
  27. cleaning up
    Oil Companies Aiming To Impress Public, White House With ‘Rapid Response System’Four companies are each donating $250 million.
  28. arnold schwarzenegger
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Compares Oil Spill to Mel GibsonOnly one of them has been contained.
  29. cleaning up by getting dirty
    BP Pumps in Mud As CEO Departure Rumor Pumps Its StockWill the spill outlast Tony Hayward?
  30. cleaning up
    Government Allows BP One More Day to Test CapSeepage detected near the Deepwater Horizon well has not sparked a release on BP’s cap yet.
  31. cleaning up
    Setback in Spill Containment As Seepage Is Detected in GulfUh-oh.
  32. neighborhood news
    New Oil Spill: Red Hook, BrooklynBut it’s diesel oil, and a bit smaller.
  33. generally good news
    So How’s the New Oil-Containment Cap Working?Generally, well.
  34. cleaning up
    Oil Has Apparently Stopped Gushing Into the Gulf“I am very excited,” BP senior vice-president said, “but I don’t want to create a false sense of excitement.”
  35. cleaning up
    BP Delays Testing of New Cap“Additional analysis” needed on testing process.
  36. cleaning up
    Early Reports: New Containment Cap Appears to Have Stopped SpillBP has yet to confirm the PBS report.
  37. cleaning up
    So How’s the Oil-Cap Replacement Going?Robots are currently facing off versus crude oil.
  38. cleaning up
    BP to Remove Pipe Cap As Early As SaturdayThey’ll replace it with a better cap … three days later.
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    BP Sets More Expectations It Probably Can’t MeetCan it really fix the leak by July 27?
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    Oil Spill Is Old News to Bloggers, TweetersThe online conversation has moved on.
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    Tar Balls Hit Texas CoastMeanwhile, BP still making money from government contracts.
  42. cleaning up
    UCB’s Oil-Spill Spoof Video Makes BP Sad“It makes their shoulders go down.”
  43. cleaning up
    U.S. Accepting International Help in Spill CleanupTwenty two countries will assist in the effort.
  44. cleaning up
    Bill Clinton Says Blowing Up BP Well ‘May Become Necessary’“Let’s just fix the problem,” he advises.
  45. cleaning up
    Oil Spill Reaches Mississippi CoastTwo beaches hit with large larges of thick oil.
  46. cleaning up
    Tropical Storm Alex May or May Not Disrupt the BP CleanupThe Coast Guard is keeping his fingers crossed, but hedging his bets.
  47. polls
    Americans Are Less Confident in Obama Than Ever Before, Poll SaysOver 60 percent think the country is on the wrong track.
  48. cleaning up
    Interior Secretary Renames Office of Mineral Management ServicesThe government agency whose coziness with big oil has been blamed for the catastrophic Deepwater Horizon spill is getting its own PR makeover.
  49. cleaning up
    Last-Ditch Deepwater Oil-Spill Guards Poorly Tested, Frequently IneffectiveA ‘Times’ investigation looks into the failed “blind shear.”
  50. bp
    BP Doc: A Lot More Oil Than Previously Estimated Could Be LeakingUp to 4 million gallons a day, in fact.
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