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    OkCupid Bravely Bans White Supremacist Chris CantwellWhite supremacy is over now!
  2. post-modern love
    Turtle Bay Residents Don’t Get Along With People Outside Turtle BayAccording to OKCupid data.
  3. modern love
    The Primal Mating Call of New Yorkers: Dropping a 30 Rock ReferenceC’mon, haven’t we all moved on to ‘Parks and Rec’?
  4. post-modern love
    Ivy League Students Would Like to Have More SexScientific-ish proof.
  5. post-modern love
    New York Sex Heat Map: ‘The Deeper Into Brooklyn You Go, the Kinkier People Get’Dating website OkCupid breaks down attractiveness, kinkiness, and selectivity — zip code by zip code.
  6. post-modern love
    Will OkCupid Change Now That It’s Owned by Match.com?Dating sites get maaaaaarried.
  7. dating
    When Dating Online, It Helps If Some Dudes Think You’re Kinda UgzSorry, girls who everyone agrees are cute.
  8. loose lips
    Will Julian Assange’s OkCupid Profile Be Used As Evidence?Will it be used as evidence?
  9. loose lips
    What Do We Learn about Julian Assange From His Alleged OKCupid Profile?He’s pompous and lonely, duh.
  10. gays
    OKCupid: Among Online Daters, Gays No More Promiscuous Than StraightsAlso, gay people are not going after straights, FYI.
  11. race relations
    OKCupid Study Reinforces Vague Racial Pop-Culture StereotypesDid you know white men like ‘Ghostbusters’?
  12. sexy tech
    Irrefutable Evidence That an iPhone Will Get You LaidThe average number of sexual partners for 30-year-olds according to their smartphone brand.