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  1. 2022 midterms
    The Woman Training Trump Faithful to Monitor the Polls On Election DayWhat could go wrong?
  2. life after roe
    Oklahoma Outdoes Itself in Race to Wipe Out Abortion RightsThis heavily Republican state offers an unsettling glimpse at what politics will be like in a post-Roe America.
  3. politics
    Oklahoma Law Would Make Abortion Providers FelonsIn an attempt to thwart Texans trying to exercise their reproductive rights, Oklahoma is poised to enact a bill criminalizing nearly all abortions.
  4. covid-19
    New Leader of Oklahoma National Guard Rejects Federal Vaccine MandateThe state’s mandate-opposing governor appointed the new leader and directed him to institute the policy, which goes against Defense Department orders.
  5. reckoning with a reckoning
    The Mayors of Oklahoma’s Last All-Black TownsHonoring the centennial of a massacre.
  6. 2020 elections
    Another Deep-Red State Votes to Expand MedicaidIn a fairly close vote, Missouri became the 38th state to sign on, even as Republicans try to cripple the Affordable Care Act.
  7. health care
    Deep-Red Oklahoma Narrowly Passes Medicaid ExpansionMore health care is popular, even in heavily Republican states.
  8. trump campaign
    Trump’s Tulsa Rally Is Still Happening, Pandemic and Reason Be DamnedThe president’s top coronavirus advisers couldn’t stop it, a legal challenge failed, and his campaign still believes it will Make Trump Great Again.
  9. campaign rallies
    Trump Threatens Protesters Ahead of Tulsa Rally“You will not be treated like you have been in New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis. It will be a much different scene!”
  10. racism
    Oklahoma Will Require Its Schools to Teach the Tulsa Race MassacreThe decision comes as the state makes plans to memorialize the tragedy’s centennial.
  11. racism
    Nearly a Century After the Black Wall Street Massacre, Tulsa Looks for BodiesReports of black corpses buried in a mass grave followed the 1921 massacre of 300 black people and dispossession of 10,000 more.
  12. in my experience
    I’m a Teacher in a Red State. The Teachers’ Strike Turned My Ballot Blue.I was a lifelong Republican. After seeing how little “trickled down” to my classroom and joining the Oklahoma walkout, I started voting for Democrats.
  13. teachers strikes
    Oklahoma Teachers Just Purged the Statehouse of Their EnemiesNineteen House Republicans voted against raising taxes to increase teacher pay. After Tuesday’s primaries, only four remain.
  14. Some of Pruitt’s Allies Are Starting to Turn on HimThe ongoing ethical disaster that is EPA administrator Scott Pruitt may finally be running out of luck.
  15. teachers strikes
    Teacher Protests Spread to Colorado As Arizona Strike BeginsThere’s no immediate sign of progress in the deadlock between teachers and Republicans in Arizona, and now Colorado teachers are launching protests.
  16. The Third Major Red-State Teachers Strike of 2018 Will Start Next WeekArizona educators voted overwhelming to strike after rejecting a pay-raise plan from that state’s governor.
  17. Oklahoma Teachers Win a Partial VictoryNow teachers have forced GOP politicians into raising pay in a second state. But the fight continues in other states, spilling over into elections.
  18. The Teachers’ Strikes Have Exposed the GOP’s Achilles HeelThe red-state rebellion has revealed that the GOP’s “starve the beast” agenda is deeply unpopular with the party’s own voters.
  19. teachers strike
    Teachers Go on Strike in Two More Red StatesEducators are walking off the job in Kentucky and (again) in Oklahoma as their conflicts with GOP state lawmakers intensify.
  20. Red-State Teacher Unrest Just Keeps SpreadingThe wave of protests and strikes isn’t just about pay, but about GOP tax-cut-driven starvation of education spending.
  21. Will Oklahoma Teachers Be the Next to Strike?After years of frustration over low pay, Oklahoma teachers may emulate their counterparts in West Virginia and go on strike.
  22. Oklahoma Tried the GOP’s Tax Agenda. Now, It’s Electing Democrats.As Republican tax cuts decimate the Sooner State, Democrats keep winning special elections in its deep-red districts.
  23. Man Accused of Right-Wing Bomb Plot Is Mentally Ill, Was Entrapped, Family SaysJerry Drake Varnell would have never tried to blow up a building without the FBI’s help, his family says.
  24. Oklahoma Lawmaker’s Money-Saving Plan: Hand Kids Who Don’t Speak English to ICEThe proposal could save the state $60 million … if rounding up children wasn’t illegal, expensive, and unpopular.
  25. The Environment
    Significant Oklahoma Earthquake Rattles Central U.S.No injuries have been reported, but the quake was likely man-made — a byproduct of the state’s oil and natural-gas industry.
  26. talking about the weather
    Multiple Tornadoes Tear Through Oklahoma, Injuring 7At least four tornadoes were spotted in Oklahoma, and one was seen in Kansas.
  27. Former Oklahoma Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw Sentenced to 263 Years in PrisonHis sentences will run consecutively.
  28. not ok!
    Oklahoma Now No. 1 in EarthquakesThanks, fracking!
  29. terrible things
    4 Dead After Car Crash at Oklahoma ParadeThree adults and one child were killed, and five people still remain in critical condition. The driver was arrested for a DUI.
  30. death penalty
    Oklahoma Reportedly Used Wrong Drug in ExecutionIt took Charles Warner 18 minutes to die. 
  31. the law
    SCOTUS: Death-Row Inmates Must Pick Their PoisonIn an explosive 5-to-4 ruling, the Supreme Court upholds Oklahoma’s lethal-injection protocol. And Breyer invites a constitutional challenge to the death penalty.
  32. More Flooding Possible for Texas and OklahomaThe death toll now stands at 18 with more still missing, and the dangerous storms could continue for another week.
  33. Texas and Oklahoma Begin Cleaning Up After Devastating FloodsThe disaster has claimed at least four lives, led to the evacuation of thousands, and destroyed countless homes.
  34. University of Oklahoma Cuts Ties With Fraternity After Racist Video“You are disgraceful. You have violated all that we stand for. Real Sooners are not racist. Real Sooners are not bigots.”
  35. cruel and unusual punishment
    Supreme Court Delays 3 Executions in OklahomaAs the court weighs the use of the controversial drug midazolam.
  36. death penalty
    Oklahoma Resumes Lethal Injections After LockettCharles F. Warner is supposed to be executed Thursday night.
  37. Executions to Resume in Oklahoma, Despite Questions About Lethal-Injection DrugFollowing the botched execution of Clayton Lockett.
  38. weed
    Lawsuit Filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma Seeks to Harsh Colorado’s Mellow Not cool, guys.
  39. death penalty
    Oklahoma Promises to Stop Botching ExecutionsOr maybe we just won’t be around to see it happen.
  40. early and awkward
    Tea Party Candidate Crazier Than Usual, Thinks Opponent Is Secretly DeadAnd represented by a body double (or robot).
  41. death penalty
    Botched Death Shows Problems of Lethal InjectionThe botched death of an Oklahoma inmate reveals our failed attempt to make capital punishment less abhorrent.
  42. criminal justice
    Oklahoma Botches One Inmate’s Execution, Postpones AnotherAfter being declared unconscious, he tried to get up.
  43. religion
    Seven-Foot-Tall Satanic Statue Actually Kind of CuteA devil-worshiping group is trying to build it at the Oklahoma state capitol. 
  44. very sad things
    Oklahoma Teens Allegedly Killed Baseball Player Because They Were ‘Bored’Three boys are accused of randomly shooting a young man.
  45. sad things
    Three Storm Chasers Died in Oklahoma TornadoThe group starred in the Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers for years.
  46. sad things
    More Deadly Tornadoes Hit Oklahoma [Updated]Though the storms were less severe than the one that destroyed Moore.
  47. scary things
    5 Insane Videos of the Tornado in Moore, OklahomaTerrifying.
  48. Oklahoma Lawmaker Uses the Term ‘Jew Me Down’“I apologize to the Jews,” he said, unapologetically. 
  49. crimes and misdemeanors
    Oklahoma Police Stopped Another School Shooting on FridayWhat is going on?
  50. crimes and misdemeanors
    Arrests Made in Tulsa ShootingsPolice take two suspects into custody.
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