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Old People

  1. the longest lives
    Our Fragile GerontocracyOld people have never been so powerful — or, now, so vulnerable.
  2. old people
    The 2020 Election Will Take Place on Two Different InternetsTrump spending a lot of money to activate Facebook boomers while young people have been abandoning the platform almost entirely.
  3. Be Afraid, Teens: Your Parents Are Going to Be on Snapchat SoonThe olds are on their way.
  4. New Poll Finds That 10-Year-Olds Think Your Life Is Basically Over at 46On the other hand, United Healthcare also found that 100 year-olds felt healthiest at age 46.
  5. people who are older than you
    The Oldest Man in the World Died in New York City This TimeAfter a brief stint on top.
  6. cable news news
    Most People Who Watch Bill O’Reilly Are Rapidly Approaching DeathThe median age of Factor viewers has reached a new high: 72.1.
  7. people who are older than you
    Life Advice From the Oldest Man in the WorldMore tips for living a ridiculously long time, from a New Yorker.
  8. lawsuits
    Long Island Nursing Home Sued for Showing Residents Too Good a TimeWith male strippers.
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    Connecticut Woman Arrested for Keying Six Cars, But the Crazy Part Is …… she’s 73 years old. 
  10. the racie for gracie
    Anthony Weiner Forced to Defend ‘Grandpa’ ComebackHe can’t catch a break.
  11. old people
    Repeal Dodd-Frank? Clown Question, Bro.Seriously, this has to stop.
  12. blog-stained wretches
    New York Times Launching Blog Just for Baby BoomersFinally.
  13. old people
    Wall Street Journal Prints a Helpful Guide to Basic American Slang“What’s Up?/Wassup?”
  14. it’s science
    Study Finds That Old People Smell … AmazingWell played, science.
  15. Bloomberg Refers to Skype as ‘Snipe’ During Senior-Center VisitSilly Bloomie!
  16. old people
    Ed Koch Replies to All His E-mails in LonghandThe elderly + technology. It never gets old.
  17. royal robots
    Britain’s Prince Philip: Still a Jerk, After 90 Years“Do you still throw spears at each other?”
  18. early and often
    Republicans Owe Yesterday’s Victories to Old People, Even More Than UsualThis might not be a good thing.
  19. old people
    The Pastimes of New York’s Very, Very Old PeopleWhat you do when you’re 111 years old.
  20. old people
    Japan Has Somehow Misplaced Most of Its Extremely Old PeopleMany people who were supposed to be really old are either missing or died a long time ago.
  21. stupid crime of the day
    Septuagenarian With Cane, Oxygen Tank Robs StoreAnd that’s not the best part of this story.
  22. travesties
    New Jersey Denies Old People Fun New PastimeAsbury Park won’t go topless after all.
  23. stupid crime of the day
    93-Year-Old Mobster Busted for Shaking Down Strip JointsAlso, the oldest woman in the world died.
  24. old crime
    Inspired by Nigerian Scam Artists, Grandma Turns to Life of CrimeIs Nigerian Syndrome the new Stockholm Syndrome?
  25. aaaaaah!
    Ridiculously, Unfathomably Old Woman Is DiscoveredThis spry 130-year-old would easily be the oldest person ever recorded.
  26. slouching toward immortality
    Mayor Succeeding in Diabolical Plan to Make Us All Live LongerHooray.
  27. forgotten bands of the nineties
    If Björk Is Nearby, No One Will Notice You Are Peeing in PublicThat is a thing Craig Wedren, of the seminal D.C. band Shudder to Think, learned while touring New York in the nineties.
  28. l’chaim
    Americans Are Living Longer Than Ever78 years! Not bad.
  29. global trends
    The Coming Old SurgeBy 2040 we’ll be old. But at least old will be trendy.
  30. Septuagenarian Finance Worker Robs BankThe statistics on Old Crime are going to be insane this year.
  31. ballsy crime
    It’s Always the Quiet OnesA 75-year-old hedge-fund manager goes missing on the day he is supposed to produce $50 million.
  32. old people
    Happy Birthday, Mama Bloomberg!Mike’s mom is 100 years old today.
  33. neighborhood watch
    Editta Sherman, 96-Year-Old SquatterMeet the new face of old-squatting.
  34. debatable
    McCain’s Five Oldest Debate MomentsMcCain didn’t help himself last night by repeatedly doing and saying things that, frankly, made him seem even older than he already appears.
  35. in other news
    Tom Brokaw Saved MSNBC From ItselfAccording to the former NBC News anchor, it was his idea to tone down Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, and also he who saved the network’s relationship with the McCain campaign.
  36. early and often
    The Real Reason McCain’s Age Might MatterSince Joe Lieberman has taken to calling Barack Obama a “young man,” isn’t it time to finally ask: Is John McCain too old to be president?
  37. in other news
    Ed Koch Is Still AliveThe former mayor is the new poster child for Life Alert. And he didn’t even fall without being able to get up!
  38. in other news
    Being an Old Single Lady In New York Not So Bad, After AllA 101-year-old Murray Hill woman proves Carrie Bradshaw & Co. wrong.
  39. early and often
    McCain Gaffe Makes Him Seem Older Than EverThis may seem like a superficial issue, and that’s because it very much is. But deep beneath the superficiality, this could be something that actually matters.
  40. cultural capital
    Brian Williams Will Be Your Anchorblogger TonightCheck out BriWi’s MySpace page! He likes Vampire Weekend and hates Penn Station — just like us! (Except, dude, who is still on MySpace?)
  41. in other news
    King Coot Wins Court Battle Over Subway SlappingJohn Clifford gets really, really angry when people talk on cell phones in the subway. Sometimes he lashes out, both physically and verbally. And that, we learn today, is A-OK.
  42. in other news
    Mrs. Bojangles Needs a Roommate Looking to share a cheap pad with a mature roommate? Look no further than Craigslist, where a woman is offering the second bedroom of her Murray Hill apartment for only $700 a month. There’s a catch, though: I am an elderly lady, in my 70’s. I am looking for someone lovely to live in the second bedroom(lovely people only). I am not thrilled about living with someone but I could use the extra cash. I have only one rule. You must wear a belt I designed that has bells all over it. I do this so I know when you are in the appartment and where in the appartment you are. If you have friends over, they must wear the device as well. I only have 2, so no more than 1 friend over. Hear that? Only one friend. $700 LOOKING TO SHARE MY APPARTMENT WITH SOMEONE LOVELY (Murray Hill) [Craigslist]
  43. neighborhood watch
    Coney Island Demolition Destroys Family Fun Astoria: Use Astoria Park? Help take care of it. Start by attending a community meeting tomorrow night. [Joey in Astoria] Chelsea: The Bourne Ultimatum was shooting on Seventh Avenue yesterday morning. Expect lots of dead CIA agents strewn around 25th to 27th Streets. [Blog Chelsea] Cobble Hill: The Lamm Institute on Amity and Henry is for sale. What will the 13,750-square-foot building go for? [Brownstoner] Coney Island: Good-bye, go karts. So long, mini-golf. Demolition (right) takes out some old favorites. [Gowanus Lounge] Fort Greene: Outside, a shady-looking storage area. Inside, it looks like an antique post office. [Clinton Hill Blog] Harlem: If you’ve been meaning to take yoga classes with your dog, then it’s time to move uptown. [Harlem Fur] Red Hook: Gowanus Nursery will open in its new Summit Street location on March 31. [Brooklyn Record] Williamsburg: While not yet open to humans, East River State Park is a prime resting area for migrating (and crapping) Canada Geese. [i’m not sayin, i’m just sayin]
  44. in other news
    Toy Soldiers on the Upper East Side They’ll probably never end up in Iraq, or in whichever poor country we’ll be bull-in-the-china-shopping by the time they grow up, but it turns out rich Upper East Side kiddies like to play with guns. Yesterday’s Times unearthed the Knickerbocker Greys — a kind of atavistic, paramilitary scout group, instituted in 1881 and still chugging along under the radar, providing 6- to 14-year-olds a place to have fun wearing Army uniforms and handling (unloaded) guns. Less than two dozen strong, the co-ed kiddie regiment spends its time over soda and marching drills in the Seventh Regiment Armory on Park Avenue. Most of the children, naturally, hail from military or law-enforcement dynasties, and, as behooves the neighborhood, there doesn’t appear to be a public-school kid in the bunch. We’ll let you decide whether this sort of thing is adorable or repulsive or a little bit of both. Before you do, however, let little Tommy, a proud Grey, help us collectively shake the mental image of, say, a Somali preteen with an AK-47. “I’m not going to ever join the military,” he told the Times. “Not unless my parents go bankrupt.” Manhattan’s Littlest Soldiers [NYT]
  45. company town
    Giant Bonuses for Former Clerks Make Judges Feel Even WorseLAW • Associate pay raises are pretty good, but $200,000 signing bonuses for former Supreme Court clerks are even better. [Slate] • Ben Rosenberg starts work today as chief trial counsel for the New York State attorney general’s office. His first task is to win back some of Dick Grasso’s money from the NYSE. [Law Blog/WSJ] • Lawyers who play Second Life are bringing their real legal expertise to this artificial world. [ABA Journal via Legal Blog Watch]
  46. in other news
    In the American Political System the People Are Represented by Two Separate But Equally Important Groups… “Former Senator Fred Thompson, who now plays a district attorney on ‘Law & Order,’ told Fox News today that he’ll make a decision in the coming months about whether to jump into the field of Republican candidates vying for the 2008 presidential nomination.” —The Caucus, New York Times, yesterday Daily Intel tried to contact Thompson for comment on this matter. Unable to reach him, we relied instead on answers in the public record — that is, actual L&O quotes he’s delivered as District Attorney Arthur Branch. The Q&A is after the jump. Duh-DUM.
  47. gossipmonger
    ‘Radar’ CallingA Radar editor left a cell phone on — as in, making a call to someone’s voice mail — during a meeting, and the recording showed that staff meetings are disorganized. Donald Trump is planning to build a $125 million house in Palm Beach, and the locals aren’t happy about it. Damaging tape of Britney Spears “partying” with two dancers at a club may soon surface. A play about Spalding Gray shows he wasn’t a very attentive father. Brandon Davis tells his parents he’s an art dealer; he may actually be a different type of dealer. A married TV anchorwoman is about to get dumped for having an affair.
  48. photo op
    Alternatively: Practice, Practice, Practice Spotted in front of Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall Friday night, just before a New York Philharmonic concert performance of My Fair Lady, starring Kelsey Grammer, Kelli O’Hara, Brian Dennehy, and Charles Kimbrough: a woman desperately soliciting a scalped ticket — in her mink coat. Only in New York, kids.
  49. the morning line
    Cops Broke, Case Open • We’ve lost count of the “milestones” in the Second Avenue Subway saga, so forgive us for not sharing in the MTA’s glee over the news that a construction contract signing is imminent. Key phrase: “The third groundbreaking ceremony will be the charm, MTA officials said.” [amNY] • Despite eyewitnesses, a sketch, surveillance footage, and tons of tips, Queens cops have been unable to nab an ostensible human being who mugged a 101-year-old (and punched an 85-year-old in the face). [NYP] • Possibly related: So strapped for cash are NYPD recruits, reports the Daily News (whose new site design is lovely), that the Police Academy is offering them a $500 credit card. As opposed to, say, a $500 pay raise. [NYDN] • The Roxy, the cavernous disco–skating rink on 18th Street, shut its doors in style Saturday — with a gay bash that attracted 4,000 and lasted until Sunday noon. The building — suddenly a neighbor to Frank Gehry’s NYC debut — will, naturally, be “redeveloped.” [NYT] • And, Fred Thompson (Manhattan D.A. Arthur Branch on Law & Order) is mulling a presidential run. He spent more time in the Senate than Obama (1994 to 2003). [WNBC]