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Oliver North

  1. Trump Endorses GOPer Who Vowed to ‘Round Up Criminal Illegals’ in His PickupIn a surprise endorsement at the last minute, Trump is at odds with popular Georgia GOP governor Nathan Deal.
  2. Texas Lieutenant Governor: Teachers Are Part of ‘Well-Run Militia’Meanwhile, the NRA’s new president put some of the blame for Friday’s school shootings on … Ritalin.
  3. NRA Announces Gunrunning Lawbreaker As New PresidentLadies and gentlemen, Oliver North!
  4. the national interest
    Oliver North and the Creation of Donald TrumpHow a right-wing law-breaker became a populist conservative hero and blazed the way for Trump.
  5. oliver north
    Oliver North: Obama’s ‘Core Philosophy’ Is ‘Anti-American’Military figure takes issue with the president’s international policy.