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  1. olympics
    Jamie Johnson: Extremely Rich New Yorkers Watch the Olympics Completely Differently From Everyone Else“Cosmopolitan elites view the athletes competing at the games as mere entertainers of the moment.”
  2. posing with medals
    U.S. Snowboarder Leaves Olympics After ‘Racy’ Pics EmergeBronze winner gets caught with his medal down.
  3. olympics
    Apolo Ohno Is Now the Greatest U.S. Winter Olympian of All TimeMove over, Bonnie Blair.
  4. evan lysacek
    A Thought on Evan Lysacek’s WinWhat does it mean?
  5. incest on ice!
    Sibling Ice Skating Team Is Comfortable Practically Frenching in Front of Millions of PeopleCould ice dancing get creepier? Yes!
  6. vancouver games
    Vonn Overcomes Injury, Takes GoldShin injury doesn’t stop skiier.
  7. olympics
    Vancouver Olympics Draw Big RatingsOver 32 million watch opening ceremony.
  8. olympics
    Animal Rights Activists Are After Johnny WeirNow the poor guy has to stay in the Olympic Village.
  9. olympics
    Olympic Opening Ceremony Is a Little Happy and a Little SadBut the show had to go on.
  10. rudy
    Giuliani Signs on as Rio Olympics Security ConsultantRudy to do for Rio what he did for NYC.
  11. the obamalympics
    Now Obama Knows What It’s Like to Get Faulty IntelligenceHow the Olympics were Obama’s yellowcake moment.
  12. it just happened
    It’s RioSouth America gets its first Olympics.
  13. the obamalympics
    Chicago Loses Olympics Bid — Badly.It didn’t even beat Tokyo!
  14. the obamalympics
    The Obamas Make Their Final, Obama-esque Olympic PitchesWith very Obama-like speeches to the IOC.
  15. heroes
    Michael Phelps Learning Golf As Tool to Interact With Real WorldApparently, you can’t have ol’ Mikey trying to have a real life without sports.
  16. heroes
    Michael Phelps in Alleged Stripper Orgy!Also, he cries a lot.
  17. photo op
    Michael Phelps Gets Back in the PoolFile this under the Department of Thank God.
  18. the sports section
    Michael Phelps Won’t Say the P-wordWill we ever know what was really in that bong?
  19. the sports section
    Wait, There’s a Possibility Michael Phelps Won’t Compete in the 2012 Olympics?We didn’t even realize that was an option!
  20. the sports section
    Our Thoughts About Michael Phelps Getting Caught on Camera Smoking PotYou think 10,000 calories a day just jump down his throat alone?
  21. let’s get civical
    Hey, at Least We Don’t Have to Host the OlympicsSorry, London. Sucks to be you.
  22. party chat
    Nastia Liukin to Appear on Gossip GirlIf she doesn’t play a triple-threat (model, actress, pommel-horse champ) who fights with Blair and Serena for a spot at Yale, we’ll be outraged.
  23. the sports section
    Nastia Liukin to Get Book DealNo word on whether Shawn Johnson will do a more endearing, but slightly less polished, follow-up.
  24. gossipmonger
    Governor Paterson Is Working His Tuchus Off in DenverCindy Adams reports that the lovable gov has been hauling butt around the Democratic National Convention. Plus, gossip about Chace Crawford (of course), Naomi Campbell, and Janice Dickinson.
  25. the sports section
    Michael Phelps Scored $1.6 Million Book DealGreat! Except, wait, what’s the genre?
  26. company town
    Washington ‘Post’ to Other Papers: Don’t Ditch D.C.!An axed Maine political reporter writes to tell how local papers that close their Washington bureaus are hurting the cause of democracy. Plus, the latest in finance, law, media, and real-estate news.
  27. gossipmonger
    Finished With Record-Breaking, Michael Phelps Commences HeartbreakingThe eight-time Olympic-gold winner supposedly made out with the hottest Australian athlete, Stephanie Rice. Plus, gossip on Axl Rose and Paul McCartney in our daily roundup.
  28. the sports section
    Olympic Committee Questions Ages of Infant Chinese GymnastsThe gold-medal-winning girls from the host country certainly didn’t LOOK like they were old enough to be competing, and now there’s mounting Internet evidence that the wee things weren’t 16 after all. Now, can it be proven before China censors it all away?
  29. the sports section
    Mark Spitz Still Kinda Sour Grapes Over Michael Phelps’s Olympic Gold RecordThe former Olympic swimmer with the most golds claims he could have tied Phelps in competition.
  30. company town
    Rupert Murdoch to ‘Make’ Less Money Than Last YearHe only made $27.5 million in company compensation this year. Plus, Kent Brownridge steps down from ‘Maxim,’ Damon Dash has real-estate troubles, and more, in our daily industry roundup.
  31. the sports section
    Michael Phelps’s Estranged Dad Won’t Try to Cash In on Son’s SpotlightIn the aftermath of his record-breaking Olympic gold streak, everyone, including his own distant father, is treating Michael Phelps with kid gloves. America, we’ve gone soft — and we love it!
  32. in other news
    Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Understand Why Everyone Is Talking About Michael Phelps and Not HerThe singer-actress was on ‘Good Morning America’ yesterday talking about her new training regimen, and she couldn’t quite figure out why anyone was buzzing about that other athlete …
  33. the sports section
    Where Were You When Michael Phelps Won His Eighth Gold Medal?We know you were drunk. But please tell us you still managed to find the remote.
  34. it happened this week
    Falling DollarsEverything that happened last week, in case you weren’t paying attention.
  35. photo op
    Barack Obama Hopes for a Michael Phelps Bump, TooWe tease Obama for his sexy beach shots.
  36. company town
    Mike and the Mad Dog Break Up at LastAfter months of rumors, Chris Russo is off the popular sports-radio show — that and more, in of our daily industry roundup.
  37. the sports section
    In Which We Appreciate Michael Phelps’s ChestAnd shoulders. And abdominals. And biceps. And triceps. And calf muscles. And gluteus maximus. And navel. And whatever that muscle is there…
  38. the sports section
    The Olympics: Does Johan Santana Not Love His Country?Not all of the world’s top athletes share this deep sense of nationalism.
  39. the sports section
    Coen: Why the Olympics Are Real Sports, But BetterWe can all appreciate the symbolism of the rings, the intensity of competition, and Michael Phelps’s abs.
  40. the sports section
    Leitch: Why the Olympics Are the Reality TV of SportsThere’s a difference between sports and athletics. The Olympics are on the wrong side of it.
  41. party lines
    Diddy Could Be a Sex OlympianWe asked the hip-hop mogul if he could invent an Olympic sport where he would be a guaranteed winner. His answer was exactly what you’d expect.
  42. company town
    Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts Expand Their Real-Estate HorizonsThe Hollywood couple will be moving into bigger digs than originally planned at One Madison Park. Plus, the latest on Wall Street, in the Hamptons, and down at 30 Rock in our daily industry roundup.
  43. the sports section
    Leitch: Ivy Leaguers Rule Olympics, LifeBut what if an athlete has you beat at the game of life? What if you’re inferior to an athelete intellectually, too?
  44. the sports section
    USA Basketball Team in Possible Massage-Related ScandalA Chinese paper is accusing stars LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade of soliciting prostitutes — or actually, “female technicians.”
  45. company town
    Stevie Cohen Could End Up in a PickleNo, not in the Damian Hirst sense, though that would be amazing: The art-loving SAC Capital Management CEO could have some problems with the SEC if he’s not careful. Plus! An ex–Bear CEO jumps ship at JPMorgan, Natalie Portman’s apartment goes on the block, and Condé Nast has a green issue, in our daily rundown of industry news.
  46. in other news
    Prep-School Principal Gets Caught in Awkward LieWhen York Prep Academy principal Christopher Durnford told a little fib about being in the Olympics this one time, he had no idea it would go this far.
  47. early and often
    Hillary Clinton Does Not Want George Bush Running Around With Any TorchesTo that end, she’s called for the president to boycott the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing this summer — and, to her credit, made a passable effort to move the conversation past her loss of pollster Mark Penn.
  48. in other news
    We May Be Losing a Natalie, But We May Be Getting a Kathie LeeWhen Natalie Morales announced on the Today show this morning that she was pregnant again, we were torn. On the one hand, we love Natalie Morales with all of our hearts (despite her participation in the soul-crushing fourth hour of the show) and think that the higher the percentage of babies in the world that have her for a mom, the better. On the other hand, this means that she’ll probably have to sit out the network’s sure-to-be-bonkers coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics in August, which saddens us. We were dying to see her forced into a synchronized-swimming competition with Matt or pulling Al around the streets of Beijing in a rickshaw. Our minds raced with questions — who would pick up the slack for her? Giada De Laurentiis? The sometime Today co-host didn’t seem to work out (plus she also got pregnant), so we haven’t seen her in a while. Tiki Barber? The delightful Amy Robach? The less delightful Jenna Wolfe? Not quite.
  49. gossipmonger
    For ‘Lipstick Jungle’ Star, Life Imitates ArtLipstick Jungle actress Lindsay Price met LSV Advisors’ David Tisch at the Cynthia Rowley show last week, and they’ve been dating since. Scarlett Johansson refused to talk to an Us Weekly reporter because of the plastic-surgery cover they did of her. Bruce Willis hung out with Victoria’s Secret model Emma Heming at Marquee for Lauren Kucerak’s birthday party, where he tipped $100 a drink. Justin Timberlake was spotted shopping at Tiffany & Co. Natalie Portman showed up 45 minutes late to a vegan-shoe launch she was doing in Soho and only answered questions for five minutes.
  50. it just happened
    Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff Out at City Hall, In at Bloomberg LPDan Doctoroff, who has been toiling away since 2001 as the mayor’s get-it-done man, will announce today that he will be out of City Hall by the end of the year. He’ll be named president of Bloomberg LP, reports the Times. “Our administration and the city of New York have been incredibly lucky to have Dan in City Hall for the past six years, and I’ve personally been very lucky to have him sitting just six feet away from me,” the mayor said in a hastily scheduled news conference in the Blue Room of City Hall. “He has been a true partner, a trusted friend, and the architect of the most sweeping transformation of New York City’s environment since the days of Robert Moses.” Doctoroff, a former investment banker who, like the mayor, earns only $1 a year for his civil service, is the deputy mayor for Economic Development and Rebuilding. He’s overseen successful projects like the High Line redevelopment and the rescue of the city’s waterfronts, including Governors Island. He was also a force behind the mayor’s ill-fated West Side Stadium and Olympic bids. Doctoroff was popular in City Hall and is credited with helping Bloomberg with much of his economic and redevelopment success. New York’s Geoffrey Gray reported that Doctoroff was planning a departure last month. Doctoroff Is Leaving Bloomberg Administration [NYT] Related Doctor! Give Me a Job [NYM]
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