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  1. plagued
    What to Know About the New COVID Booster ShotsReformulated booster shots have arrived. Here’s how they are different and who can get them.
  2. foreign interests
    The Dismantling of Hong KongSince 2019, my hometown has slowly transformed into a brutal, unrecognizable place. Then came Omicron.
  3. covid-19
    What We Know About All the Omicron Subvariants, Including BA.2.12.1BA.2.12.1 is now the dominant COVID strain in the U.S. and is driving another wave of cases.
  4. just asking questions
    Seriously, the Pandemic Isn’t OverA long conversation with Dr. Abraar Karan about the possibility of a BA.2 wave, how the U.S. is still vulnerable, and what to do with our face masks.
  5. covid-19
    Is the U.S. Facing Another COVID Wave?There are warning signs flashing in Asia and Europe.
  6. covid-19
    The CDC Says Most Americans Can Take Off Their MasksAccording to the agency’s new COVID-risk guidelines, counties representing 70 percent of the U.S. population can now go mask free.
  7. just asking questions
    How Worried Should We Be About the BA.2 Omicron Subvariant?A Harvard medical professor weighs in on the probability of the strain known as BA.2 taking over in the U.S. and why that may not be reason to panic.
  8. covid-19
    What to Expect From the COVID Variants to ComeThe evolution of the coronavirus remains difficult to predict, and future strains could be at least as dangerous as Omicron and its predecessors.
  9. covid-19
    Where to Get Home COVID Tests and Why They’re So Hard to FindHere are all your current options, including where tests are in stock, insurance reimbursement, and how to get free tests from the government.
  10. omicron variant
    Why Are So Many Americans Still Dying of COVID?John Burn-Murdoch of the Financial Times says small differences in vaccination rates can make a big difference.
  11. tomorrow
    COVID Is a VibeAfter Omicron, the pandemic will be what we make of it.
  12. omicron
    Beijing’s Olympics Will Probably Be As Depressing As Tokyo’sCOVID limitations mean that only pre-approved fans will be able to attend the Winter Games.
  13. omicron
    How Wastewater Became a COVID Crystal BallThe answer to when the Omicron wave is going to taper off may be in the sewer.
  14. omicron
    Seriously, Upgrade Your Face MaskOmicron is everywhere. Infectious-disease doctor Abraar Karan explains why it’s long past time to start wearing high-filtration respirators like N95s.
  15. tomorrow
    Two Paths for OmicronDepending on how you look at the U.S. data for this new variant, the story it tells inspires either relief or dread.
  16. education
    We’re Having the Wrong Conversation About SchoolCritics of teachers and their unions are repeating attacks from the early pandemic, and not paying attention to the real culprits of the crisis.
  17. covid testing
    At-Home COVID Tests Will Be Covered by Insurance As of SaturdayBut rapid tests purchased up until that point will not be eligible for reimbursement.
  18. covid-19
    Will the Omicron Wave Break Nursing?The profession lured people with secure, high-paying jobs. After two years of COVID, many nurses are reconsidering.
  19. covid-19
    America’s Omicron Wave Already Looks More Severe Than Europe’sNew York’s hospitalization data may not bode well for the rest of the country.
  20. covid
    Your Tap Water Doesn’t Need to Take a COVID TestViral videos show people getting positive results from water and soda. They only prove that people are willing to waste home COVID tests.
  21. omicron
    The City’s Teachers Confess They Want to Go RemoteBattered by Omicron, many feel hung out to dry by the city and even their own union.
  22. the pandemic
    CareCube Is Accused of Running a COVID-Testing ScamGetting swabbed is usually free, but a prominent business is accused of lying to make customers pay.
  23. covid-19
    CDC Backs FDA Decision to Approve Boosters for All TeensAmericans ages 12 to 15 could be eligible for boosters as early as this week.
  24. covid-19
    CDC Won’t Require Negative COVID Test to Leave IsolationThe agency updated its new guidelines for shorter isolation and quarantine periods, but doubled down on not recommending a negative COVID test.
  25. nyc schools
    Eric Adams Really Wants to Keep NYC Schools OpenThat may be easier said than done amid an Omicron tsunami.
  26. games
    The 10 Biggest Sports Stories of 2021Ohtani and Giannis were almost enough to make us forget about COVID for a while.
  27. covid-19
    Thousands of NYC First Responders Are Out Sick Amid Omicron SurgeThe latest wave is straining the NYPD and FDNY, with 17 percent of cops and firefighters calling out due to illness earlier this week.
  28. intelligencer chats
    Schools Might Be Heading for a January ‘Omicron Break’Unless we radically rethink pandemic protocols, there will be a lot of absences in a lot of places.
  29. pandemic
    FDA Says Rapid Tests at Home Have ‘Reduced Sensitivity’ for OmicronPreliminary data suggests antigen tests aren’t as reliable as they are for other variants.
  30. covid-19
    What We Know About Omicron in New YorkThe city and state continue to put up eye-popping case numbers.
  31. covid-19
    CDC Shortens Quarantine Period to 5 Days for Those Without SymptomsThe agency said the change was motivated by evidence showing that COVID transmission “occurs early in the course of illness.”
  32. omicron
    The Best News About Omicron May Not Be About SeverityThe size of the Omicron wave is likely more important in determining its ultimate toll — and there are signs it will be much smaller than feared.
  33. omicron
    The Silent WaveInside the city’s hospitals fighting COVID, scores of doctors and nurses are suddenly out sick thanks to Omicron.
  34. the pandemic
    The Infuriating Wait for the Youngest-Kids VaccinePfizer’s shot for children under 5 was expected soon. What happened?
  35. omicron
    Biden: Who Could Have Predicted What Many People Predicted?The president’s excuses for his administration’s COVID-testing failures don’t add up.
  36. omicron
    Is Omicron a New Wave or a Parallel Pandemic?If the new variant is spreading preferentially among the vaccinated, it may not mean much for the future course of the pandemic.
  37. covid-19
    What We Do and Don’t Know About the Omicron VariantThe variant is now the most common strain in the U.S. and appears well on its way to becoming dominant worldwide.
  38. covid-19
    One Out of 105 New Yorkers Tested Positive for COVID Last WeekNew data shows COVID cases in New York City — likely fueled by the Omicron variant — spread with astonishing speed last week.
  39. omicron
    Biden Can Fight Omicron Without Ruining ChristmasThe president has several untapped tools for containing the virus without impinging on the median voter’s personal liberty or sense of normalcy.
  40. omicron
    CityMD Closes Some NYC Locations at Worst Possible TimeStaffing shortages are to blame, the company says.
  41. omicron
    The Great American Testing CrunchHow it happened, what to do about it, and when it might end.
  42. covid
    White House Decides to Send Free COVID Tests to Americans After AllBetter late than never.
  43. games
    Professional Sports Are Learning to Live With COVID. We’re Next.The Omicron variant demands a more nimble approach to the virus.
  44. covid-19
    Omicron Is Now the Dominant Variant in the United StatesThe strain accounted for 73 percent of new cases last week, according to the CDC.
  45. sports
    NHL Becomes First Pro League to Pause Season Because of OmicronAfter Tuesday, hockey is on hiatus until after Christmas.
  46. covid-19
    New York’s Hospitals Are WaitingWhat they think about the arrival of Omicron.
  47. omicron variant
    South Africa’s Omicron Wave Looks Like It’s Already Peaking. Why?Virologist Trevor Bedford helps make sense of what is happening with the new variant in South Africa, and what it might mean for other countries.
  48. sports
    Kyrie Irving’s Return Lasted One NightThe unvaccinated all-star was going to play again, now he’s been in the league’s protocols after a suspect COVID test.
  49. just asking questions
    Will America’s ‘Immunity Wall’ Hold Up to Omicron?Dr. Eric Topol on the one factor that could determine how bad things get.
  50. omicron variant
    How Mild Is Omicron, Really?The early data is conflicting. But there are encouraging signs.
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