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  1. omicron
    Nihilism Is the Other VariantWe’re all tired, but we can’t surrender.
  2. covid-19
    De Blasio Boosts Testing, Offers Free Masks As Omicron SurgesThe mayor vowed that people waiting in long testing lines will be provided a free self-testing kit to take home.
  3. variants
    And Now for the Good News About OmicronThere are some very encouraging signs.
  4. omicron
    How Omicron Pushed Cornell Into Red AlertA big COVID outbreak, driven by the new variant, has shut down the Ivy League campus and could be a sign of what’s to come.
  5. covid-19
    Testing Demand Has Doubled in NYC Over Omicron Fears“It’s almost like PTSD from 2020,” says Dr. Andrew Wallach of NYC Health + Hospitals, with people waiting in long lines at some locations.
  6. fifth wave
    Well, Guess It’s About Time to Get COVIDOmicron has brought with it a strangely liberating sense of inevitability.
  7. covid-19
    Omicron Is About to Overwhelm UsThe new COVID variant has all the makings of a massive wave.
  8. just asking questions
    A Skeptic’s Case Against Boosting EveryoneDr. Paul Offit, an FDA advisor, explains why he thinks another shot for most people is unnecessary, even with Omicron.
  9. covid-19
    5 Ways to Understand the U.S. Climb to 800,000 COVID DeathsGrappling with another horrifying milestone as the Omicron phase of the pandemic nears.
  10. intelligencer chats
    Why Is Wall Street So Chill About Omicron?There’s a fatalistic tinge to investors’ lack of concern about the new variant.
  11. covid-19
    Can Anything Stop the Omicron Wave?At this point, America has limited options.
  12. just asking questions
    Why Dr. Michael Osterholm Says Omicron Will Become Dominant in WeeksAnd it’s time to stop thinking of boosters as a “luxury dose.”
  13. just asking questions
    The Cautious Case for Omicron OptimismDr. Monica Gandhi says there’s reason to trust preliminary reports of mild illness from the new variant.
  14. the money game
    Why Wall Street Thinks Omicron Might Be Good NewsA JPMorgan report suggests the variant could “accelerate the end of the pandemic.” Stocks, of course, are soaring.
  15. booster shots
    Vaccine Demand Gets a Boost As Americans Worry Over OmicronVaccination rates are at their highest since May, though the majority of doses administered last week were booster shots.
  16. pandemic
    Why Omicron and Delta Could Be a ‘Twin Epidemic’Dr. Peter Hotez sorts through the uncertainty about the new variant and how it may affect people differently than its cousin.
  17. covid testing
    Reimbursements for At-Home Tests Are Coming in JanuaryPresident Biden announced a plan to provide cash back for COVID tests for insured Americans, among other initiatives for the second pandemic winter.
  18. this endless pandemic
    Waiting for OmicronThe new variant comes to a country that still does not have the pandemic under control.
  19. just asking questions
    A Variant Hunter on Omicron’s ‘Tectonic Shift’While no one is certain how the new form of the virus will shape up, a virologist explains why the mutant has freaked out so many scientists.
  20. government shutdown
    Will Republicans Force a Government Shutdown to Fight Biden’s Vaccine Mandates?A small group of conservatives can gum up the works and force at least a brief shutdown. But with Omicron looming, the timing is strange.