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One World Trade Center

  1. America’s Tallest Building Might Be for SaleA new report suggests the Port Authority would like to unload the skyscraper formerly known as the Freedom Tower.
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    What You’re Really Seeing From the 100th Floor of One World Trade CenterAt the highest high, it’s a great, complicated metropolis. 
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    Santiago Calatrava’s Glorious BoondoggleHe was commissioned to design an architectural extravagance at ground zero. He succeeded, an accomplishment that threatens to destroy his reputation.
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    Rats Are Winning Their War on Condé Nast StaffersThey’re chewing through the ceilings and rugs.
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    1 WTC Window Washers Want to Stay GroundedLiterally.
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    1 World Trade Center Welcomes (Some of) Condé Nast Starting TodayThe Freedom Tower finally meets its glossiest tenant.
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    World’s Tallest Residential to Stop at 1,775 Ft.The World Trade Center (née the Freedom Tower) is 1,776 feet.
  8. The Half-Empty One World Trade Has Plenty of Historical PrecedentVery large buildings take a long time to fill.
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    The World Trade Center Gets Some New SecurityAfter some embarrassing breaches.
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    One World Trade Center Is Only About Half Full [Updated]The owners are now offering discounted rent.
  11. A Visit to the Top of the World Trade CenterFour World Trade Center is done; One World Trade, nearly so.
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    Have You Heard One World Trade Center Lately?It’s got a ghostly wail.
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    Sore Loser Rahm Emanuel Bashes One World Trade Center’s ‘Antenna’Insults won’t make Willis Tower any taller.
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    One World Trade Center Is Officially the Most American Building in the CountryAnd the tallest, at 1,776 feet.
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    Watch One World Trade Center’s Spire Light Up The glow can be seen from 50 miles away.
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    Banksy Hates One World Trade Center, CanadaAccording to his rejected New York Times op-ed.
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    One World Trade Center Is Now 1,776 Feet Tall (on Paper)It’s debatable.
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    One World Trade Center Is Really Almost DoneSee the spire that was lifted today.
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    Check Out the View From the Top of the New World Trade CenterIt opens in 2015.
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    Graffiti in World Trade Center Is Either Uplifting or Unspeakably VileThe answer is written on the men’s room wall.
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    There Was a Small Fire at One World Trade CenterBut they put it out really quickly.
  22. Meet a Guy Who Operates a Crane on Top of One World Trade CenterHis name is Tom and he has a nice mustache. 
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    One World Trade Center Might Not Officially Reach 1,776 FeetThere’s a fight over the antenna.
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    Watch a Time-Lapse of 1 World Trade Center Rising From Ground ZeroBecause time-lapses are great. 
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    One World Trade Center Will Become New York’s Tallest Building Tomorrow Though there’s still about a year of construction left. 
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    One WTC Set to Top Empire State Building Within WeeksAlready within 40 feet of Empire State’s roof height.
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    Port Authority Picks Durst to Build One World Trade CenterDurst edges out international development company Related.
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    Fox News: Could the Middle East Own the World Trade Center?This is helpful.
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    1 World Trade Center Spire May Have Aesthetic Value After AllSince the Port Authority’s broadcast client backed out, there’s no utilitarian reason for the tower’s famous spire.