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    Today’s National Security Threat Is … GrindrThe app was bought by a Chinese company in 2018, but it’s looking to sell after the U.S. government raised concerns.
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    Bumble’s New Filtering Tool Seems Useful, If FlawedUsers can now select certain traits they want to see in potential matches; but things like being Jewish and looking for a third aren’t options.
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    Short Guys Attract More Ladies in Jersey Than ManhattanSo sayeth a dating site’s study.
  4. New York Banker Keeps Creepily Detailed Spreadsheet for Online DatingObviously, the guy works in finance.
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    The Primal Mating Call of New Yorkers: Dropping a 30 Rock ReferenceC’mon, haven’t we all moved on to ‘Parks and Rec’?
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    New York Sex Heat Map: ‘The Deeper Into Brooklyn You Go, the Kinkier People Get’Dating website OkCupid breaks down attractiveness, kinkiness, and selectivity — zip code by zip code.
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    Will OkCupid Change Now That It’s Owned by Match.com?Dating sites get maaaaaarried.
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    When Dating Online, It Helps If Some Dudes Think You’re Kinda UgzSorry, girls who everyone agrees are cute.
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    Breaking: Women Enjoy It When You Compliment Their PartsWitness “the Holy Grail of Flirting.”
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    Gay People Now Allowed on eHarmony!Not that they necessarily want to use it NOW.